Highlighted SLM Experiment Approved by CTCDC

Update: Minutes from the CTCDC Meeting are now available.

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Yesterday the LADOT bikeways team presented a proposal to experiment with green highlighted shared lane markings (HSLM) at the California Traffic Control Devices (CTCDC) board meeting in Santa Ana. According to the 2012 CA MUTCD, Shared lane markings (or sharrows) are intended to:

  • Reduce the chance of bicyclists impacting open doors of parked vehicles on a shared roadway with on-street parallel parking.
  • Alert road users within a narrow traveled way of the lateral location where bicyclists ride.
  • Be used only on roadways without marked bicycle lanes or shoulders.

Our proposed HSLM experiment will be conducted along a stretch of Gayley Ave. (between Weyburn Ave. and Lindbrook Dr.) out in Westwood Village.



SLM visibility could be improved

The purpose of our experiment is to determine if HSLMs can mitigate the effects of faded asphalt and harsh lighting conditions that would otherwise negate the desired outcome of standard SLMs.  The highlighted SLM would take the existing standard shared lane marking and provide a green backing in either thermoplastic or paint. It is our hope that the green backing will help make sharrows more visible to all roadway users.

Approval to Experiment


Example of Standard SLM (top left). Example of Highlighted SLM (bottom right).

We received approval from the CTCDC to conduct the HSLM experiment. Before we can begin installation, we will have to get in touch with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and gain their approval. We’ll keep you updated here on the blog as the process progresses.

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