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A bicyclist rides along a sidewalk on Sherman Way

At the last Bicycle Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) meeting back in July, participants reviewed a draft list of bike lane projects likely destined for more extensive environmental review, known affectionately as “Priority Package 2.” Of particular interest to BPIT attendees was a choice in the San Fernando Valley between two very important corridors: Sherman Way and Roscoe Blvd.

While the 2010 Bike Plan calls for the installation of bike lanes on both Sherman Way and Roscoe Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley, the Five Year Implementation Strategy highlights Sherman Way for more immediate implementation consideration. Roscoe Blvd., though, could make a good substitution for a variety of reasons. While both projects are similar in terms of distance and direction, key differentiating issues include connectivity to different types of destinations and the practicality (politically) of each project. We’re encouraging additional public input as we decide which project to pursue (see polls and comments section below).

The map below shows where the proposed bike lanes would be installed.


Both projects would connect with important North-South bikeways, including the Orange Line Bike Path and bike lanes on Woodley Ave., Reseda Blvd., Winnetka Ave., and Laurel Canyon Rd. Both streets are  heavily-used by motorized vehicles, with similar average daily traffic (ADT) volumes.

About Roscoe Blvd.

The Roscoe Blvd. bike lane would extend from Topanga Canyon Blvd. in West Hills to Whitsett Ave. in Sun Valley. Roscoe is wide enough to install a standard bike lane. Installing the bike lane would also add permanent on-street full-time parking along Roscoe in areas where there is currently a peak hour lane. With less of a commercial feel, Roscoe tends to have less stop-and-go traffic, meaning its often a quicker thoroughfare for cars and bikes. Roscoe is also closer to the geographic center of the San Fernando Valley, thus providing greater accessibility to a number of Valley communities, and would serve as a superior connector to existing bikeways in the East San Fernando Valley.

About Sherman Way

The Sherman Way option would extend from Canoga Ave. in the west to Laurel Cayon Blvd. in the east. This potential bike lane would pass through several commercial centers including downtown Canoga, downtown Reseda, and downtown Van Nuys. Located roughly 2 km south of Roscoe, Sherman Way is closer to connectors heading towards the center of the entire city, and provides better access to several local business corridors and destinations. Sherman Way is also a wider street than Roscoe Blvd., which would lead to this option having a buffered bike lane installed while maintaining its current full-time parking.

Sherman Way Roscoe Blvd
Wider street, provides room for buffered lane Would install a standard lane
Would keep full-time parking Would add full-time parking
Better connection to the rest of Los Angeles More centrally located in SFV
Runs along more business corridors Quicker thoroughfare

What factors are most important to you as a bicyclist? A buffered lane closer to business districts, or a standard lane with less of a stop-and-go mentality (better for commuters)? For more immediate installation, is a more central location in the Valley more desirable than being closer to the rest of the city? Let us know what you think, via the polls below, and in the comments section.


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As with all bike lane projects, it is always important to keep in mind the role that your local Council District office plays. By voicing your support for these projects, you can help advocate for better and more useful bike lanes. This website includes links for emailing various Council District offices and a map to figure out which one you live in.

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