Give me 3′ update

We know Mayor Villaraigosa's been pushing the Governor to sign SB 910. You should, too!

Rumor has it the Governor is considering vetoing SB 910, the 3′ passing distance bill for California. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is opposing the bill and its our understanding that the Governor may consider CHP’s wishes over the safety of bicyclists. Please, please, PLEASE call/email/fax/write the Governor NOW, and tell him to sign the bill.

Personal stories and information as to why this is so important may be key to getting this bill passed. For more information, go to California Bicycle Coalition’s Give Me 3 campaign page. They’ll have complete text of the bill, and some sample letters of support as well as contact info for the Governor and other elected officials.

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  1. Dan Connelly
    Dan Connelly says:

    This would be outrageous. Until today I’ve been a Brown fan but that would irrevocably change with a veto. CHP opposition killed Noe; we can’t let them win again. Arguments against this bill are all so clearly flawed it’s transparent they’re hiding the real motivation which is to avoid accountability for reckless behavior.


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