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Today, there was a bit of confusion at LA Streetsblog over disappearing Give Me 3 posters on LA’s streets. As you may remember, the Give Me 3 campaign was launched this summer as a coordinated effort between the Mayor’s Office, LADOT, LACBC, LAPD, and Midnight Ridazz.

While we’re going to clear up any confusion about the Give Me 3 campaign and what happens to the posters, we also want to let you know how you can get your very own Give Me 3 poster.  It’s absolutely free of charge and you can get it within mere moments of submitting your request.  That’s because, well, it’s available online as a pdf on the LADOT Bike Program website,

Give Me 3 poster pdfs available at

Public Kiosk Space for Give Me 3

So here’s how it works: A certain amount of kiosk space around the City is dedicated to public announcements or campaigns.  There’s also a certain amount of kiosk space around the City that hasn’t been yet rented out to an advertiser.  Both of these spaces are used for Give Me 3 posters.

When advertiser space is rented, or another City-led campaign wants to use the same space, Give Me 3 posters can get taken down.  This, however, isn’t the end of the Give Me 3 campaign.  Posters that contain no blemishes go back into the reserve stock of Give Me 3 posters (there are over 1,000 posters in stock) to be put up in the future.  When new space opens up at kiosks throughout the City, new Give Me 3 posters will be installed.  So while you will see posters appear and disappear, we’re aiming to keep a static number of Give Me 3 posters on display throughout the City at any give time.

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