FY 2013 Bikeways Accomplishments

This West Valley segment of the LA River Bicycle Path was completed this year.

Today, we have a special guest post from LADOT General Manager Jaime de la Vega:

We noted our major bike accomplishments in our FY 2013 annual report (data through April 28, 2013) but I wanted to take the opportunity to give our stakeholders the final tally.

FY 2013

  • LADOT installed the first bicycle friendly street treatment on Yucca Street
  • We completed 1.5 miles of new bicycle path
  • We installed shared lane markings (sharrows) on 22.6 miles of city streets
  • And we installed 101 miles of new bicycle lanes, doubling the prior year’s tally, which was our best year ever until FY 2013

Other Metrics

  • Post-Bicycle Plan (March 2011 – Current): We installed 167 miles of new bike lanes (the city’s adopted five-year plan is at least 200 miles of new bikeways)
  • FY 2006 through FY 2013: LADOT installed 197 miles of new bike lanes and 16.6 miles of new bike paths
  • FY 1974 through FY 2005: The city installed 141 miles of bike lanes
  • The city’s current bike lane network is 338 miles

* Data note: Some of the current figures vary slightly from past reporting and reflect database clean-up.

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  1. Joe Linton
    Joe Linton says:

    Has DOT shared the list of what facilities LADOT did when to add up to these totals? I can see that DOT has been implementing more bike facilities than in the past, but publishing totals without sharing the spreadsheets you’ve used to get the totals is not really transparent, nor credible.

  2. key
    key says:

    of current miles of bike-lanes what percentage is used by cyclists? Any data vaiable?
    Whatis being done by th eimpact if bikelanes being installed and traffci lanes takenout?

  3. roadblock
    roadblock says:

    THANK YOU LADOT Bike friendlies… It IS appreciated. Not sure what the dust up is over there with some of the senior engineers harumphing about “management” but Jaime De La Vega appears to be committed to live-able streets. So lets keep this train moving.

    • Really
      Really says:

      Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps the bike lane data doesn’t tell the whole story? Yes there are more bike lanes but are they connected? Do they start and suddenly stop? Do they run where cyclists want to go? Was there a plan? Sounds like it was plan hatched only for press release material.


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