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LADOT understands that safe parking is integral to encouraging bicycling in Los Angeles. Providing safe, secure bicycle parking can increase accessibility to local neighborhood destinations. The benefits are two fold: bicyclists enjoy convenient, secure bicycle parking, while local businesses enjoy the increased patronage. LADOT offers a free – and highly utilized – sidewalk bike rack request program that allows any business owner or citizen to request bicycle racks for commercial areas. Getting a shiny new bike rack in a place that you requested can be a fulfilling experience. Find out how your request goes from request to rack below the fold.

Example of Good Bike Parking 2


Once you submit your request, the information goes into our email system. Jose Elias, Assistant Bicycle Coordinator in charge of LADOT’s Sidewalk Parking Program then enters each request into our Bicycle Rack Database. Jose then checks to ensure that requests are within city limits and in commercial areas. At this point, requests are considered to be “webchecked.”

Jose Elias

Assistant Bicycle Coordinator Jose Elias - our bike parking guru


After being webchecked, a list is populated that is then checked to further ensure that the location can accommodate bike racks. To find out what locations qualify, check out our sidewalk parking program guidelines here. Requests that are deemed appropriate will then be mapped for a field check. We then go out into the field with our stencil and paint spray cans to mark your individual requests! Before marking, we  like to talk with business owners to tell them about our bike rack program and the benefits of providing prominent bike parking right in front of their businesses.


Assistant Bicycle Coordinator JoJo Pewsawang marking a future rack location in Chinatown


After marking a future bike rack location, we then edit the Bicycle Rack Database to reflect that fact. Once a month, we provide this list to our contractor who then heads out to each location to install the racks. Rack installation times can vary depending upon our contractor’s workload. Typically, we mark by council district so our contractor can efficiently install racks without having to crisscross the City.

Bike Rack Requests

Now that you know the process behind filling bike rack requests, we hope that it has inspired you to request some more! You can complete our online bike rack request form here and in the not to distant future (if you followed our selection criteria)  you’ll have a nice shiny new bike rack in front of your favorite local business.

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