Fountain Ave Sharrows in the News

There's a whole lot about Sharrows in the news

There’s been a lot of chatter, both positive and negative, regarding the installation of Sharrows on Fountain. Good, bad, or ugly – LADOT Bike Blog is just happy to get people out there talking about Sharrows. The more people talk about Sharrows, the more likely people are to go out and ride them every day. The more people riding Sharrows every day, the more likely the Sharrows pilot project will be a success. So keep blogging and keep riding.

LACBC Blog – Sharrows Test Rides Kick Off, 2 More Weeks Before Paint on the Ground

LACBC Blog – Sharrows are Almost Here! But now in DOT’s Court

LACBC Blog – Sharrows Finally on the Streets of LA

LACBC Blog – Another Look At Sharrows – And More To Come!

NBC LA – The Sharrows Experiment: Mixing Bicycles with Autos

Biking in LA – Sharrows hit the streets of LA

LA Eco Village Blog – New Bike Sharrows on Fountain Today

Streetsblog – A Chorus of Cheers, But Then Some Jeers, Greet “L.A.’s First Sharrows”

LAist – L.A. Installs First Official Sharrows

Curbed LA – Sharrows Make it in Hollywood

Militant Angelino: A Sharrow is Born!

Frontage Roads: Fountain Ave. Sharrows – Not Ready for Primetime?

SoapBoxLA: How Embarrassing! LA’s new Sharrows misplaced by LADOT’s Bikeways department

SoapBoxLA: LADOT’s Bikeways Department continues to fumble LA’s Sharrows program

SoapBoxLA: LA’s pilot Sharrows project demonstrates need for Standards and Accountability

If you’ve come across other posts about the Fountain Avenue Sharrows, feel free to share them in comments.

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