Following Up on a Busy Weekend; A Busy Week Ahead

LADOT Bike Blog immensely enjoyed ourselves at Park(ing) Day.  While we’ll give a wrap-up of what we did, we also want to clue you into events coming over the next few weeks.  There’s a lot going on and we wouldn’t want you miss any of it.  Park(ing) Day, cicLAvia, the Mayor’s continuing advocacy for bikes (both on the radio and a press conference), My Figueroa, Critical Mass, and the 2010 LA Bike Plan … all after the jump!

Just a good old-fashioned park(ing) space downtown

Park(ing) Day

Spring Street Park

We were able to hit up events both in Downtown and beside the USC campus.  At Spring Street, we came upon a Park(ing) space dedicated to the future Spring Street Park. In addition to having models and information about the park to come, the local barbershop was offering free haircuts (bonus!).


A model of the park-to-be

My Figueroa

At the Spring Street Park(ing) space we had the pleasure of meeting Valerie Watson, one of the organizers behind My Figueroa.  “My Figueroa” is a project by CRA/LA that is seeking to re-imagine and re-shape what the Figueroa Corridor (from 7th Street to USC) looks like and the way people interact with it.  You can find more information on their Facebook page.  One of the most intriguing ideas Valerie floated to me was turning the Figueroa Corridor into Los Angeles’ first bicycle superhighway.  Two public visioning meetings will be held next month on October 2nd and 5th.

Park(ing) Day USC


ASPD's park(ing) space, with LADOT Bike Blog's Raleigh Marathon in the corner

LADOT Bike Blog’s second stop of the day was at USC where the Associated Students of Planning & Development and the Landscape Architecture School both set up park(ing) spaces near the corner of Hoover and Jefferson.  While the Landscape Architecture School held class outside in their park(ing) space, the ASPD showcased urban agriculture and gave away free plants and information to passersby.


Free urban agriculture, courtesy the ASPD

You can check out the rest of our Park(ing) Day photos on the LADOT Bike Blog flickr page.

Multimedia Mayor

Mayor Villaraigosa has been working hard for bikes ever since the Bike Summit held last month.  Today, the Mayor will be making an appearance on the KCRW radio show “Design and Architecture“at 2:30 to talk about bikes(listen here).  Additionally, the Mayor has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow, Wednesday the 22nd, to publicly announce the route for cicLAvia.

Family, Fun, Free – cicLAvia!

Speaking of cicLAvia, the Bicycle Beauty Pageant was a great success this weekend, with Bobby Gadda taking the grand prize on his loud (literally, it had a fire alarm bell on it) freak bike.  Don’t forget to mark your calenders for 10/10/10.  cicLAvia’s 7.5 mile route will be alive with pedestrians, bicyclists, families, musicians, and onlookers.  Don’t think of cicLAvia as a race or a route from on end the next, think of it more as an extended street festival. Go where you want, see who you like, and do it all with human propulsion power.  You can travel the whole 7.5 mile route or you can find a good spot to park your chair and watch the world go by.  Keep an eye out later this week for an LADOT Bike Blog interview with two of cicLAvia’s main organizers.

Critical Mass – Policing Ourselves

Critical Mass has had an evolving identity ever since LAPD began to accompany LACM rides earlier this summer.  In an effort to improve that relationship, a coalition of cycling organizations are encouraging Critical Mass riders to police themselves and show common courtesy on the ride.  They also have a Facebook page advertising a “dos and don’ts” workshop to take place before this month’s Critical Mass ride.  The next Critical Mass ride will be this Friday, September 24th.  As usual, the ride meets at Wilshire & Western and leaves shortly after 7:30 in the evening.

Don’t Forget!  Upcoming Public Hearings for the 2010 Draft LA Bike Plan

Just a quick reminder that the public hearings for City Planning’s 2010 Draft LA Bike Plan begin this weekend.  You can check the schedule here.  We also highly recommend taking a look at Rach Stevenson’s take on the LA Bike Plan.  It really highlights the importance of reading through these documents and coming into the meetings with an informed perspective.  The 2010 Draft LA Bike Plan has the potential to direct bicycle infrastructure in LA for the next 30 years, so make sure you know what’s in it.

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