First Street merging areas and bus zones greened

First Street green lane action at Mariachi Plaza!

Bicyclists utilizing the newly greened First Street bike lanes

This past weekend, First Street in Boyle Heights got the distinct honor of having L.A.’s first completed green bike lanes. Merging areas and bus zones along First Street were colorized using green thermoplastic. The green colorization was applied on select areas along the 1.6 mile long bike lanes that stretch between Boyle Avenue to Lorena Street. Colorization has been shown to be affective in other jurisdictions at increasing motorist’s yielding behavior, improving bicyclist visibility, and increasing perceived safety for bicyclists. More on the lanes below the fold.

First Ride on First Street

LADOT Bicycle Coordinator Nate Baird rode the new bike lanes on Saturday. He took some great photos (viewable on our flickr stream), and even captured some video. The video very nicely shows how well the colorization highlights bus zones, driveways, alleyways, and intersections. It begins with Boyle Heights resident Jose riding through a green bike lane symbol denoting the start of a new block.

First Street bike lane video snap shot

Green bike lane symbol

As he continues, he arrives at a greened segment denoting an alley, followed by a dashed segment denoting an intersection approach.

First Street bike lane video snap shot

Greened alleyway

The dashed segments provide a very effective visual cue to both motorists and bicyclists, highlighting the shared characteristics of the space. It tells both motorists and bicyclists to expect to see each other and to watch out for one another.

First Street bike lane video snap shot

Green dashed segment

Special thanks to Boyle Heights resident Jose for showing us how to ride the newly greened First Street bike lanes. Be sure to check out the unedited video below.

Raw First Street Ride Video

[flickr video=6365849939 secret=675ae08ed3 w=400 h=225]

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