Final Hurdles: PLUM/T-Committee Joint Hearing on the LA Draft Bike Plan set for 2/9/11

In a short aside prior to the meat of this post, I’d like to take the time to introduce myself. From now on, I will be posting under the handle of ladotbikeinternI. My name is Derek Levoit and I am a Planning grad student and frequent biker hailing from the vast plains of the Orange County suburbs. I’m looking forward to helping communicate about progress in bicycle issues and bringing in my perspectives on how to move forward together. This post is pretty short and I still have my training wheels (no pun intended), so please… be kind.

We here at the LADOT Bike Program wanted to make sure you all knew about the upcoming joint Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) and Transportation Committees hearing for the 2010 Draft LA Bike Plan. The hearing is to be held in City Council Chambers on Wednesday, February 9 starting at 2pm. (You can get find information here on the 2010 Draft LA Bike Plan and LADOT Bike Blog’s previous coverage on the bike plan)

Committee changes could be final changes

Continuing the progress that’s been made this winter, next week’s hearing is important as the last committee hearing on the Draft Bike Plan before a potential vote by the City Council. We really would urge anyone with an interest in the future of bike planning in Los Angeles to attend and let your representatives know what’s important to you.

Councilman Ed Reyes (CD1) with riders in MacArthur Park

Councilman Bill Rosendahl (CD11) with members of LACBC

This joint committee hearing is held between two committees whose chairs are pretty well known for supporting the cause. Ed Reyes (CD 1) has been instrumental in the increase of bike parking (such as the parking installed for CARACEN) as well as the development of the LA River Bike Path. Bill Rosendahl (CD 11) chairs the Transportation Committee and has been a proponent of the city-wide “Give Me 3” campaign and most recently came out in favor of calming measures and bike lanes along Main St. in Venice.

Hearing in Council Chambers

Next week’s hearing will take place in Council Chambers, which is usually reserved for committee hearings where the City expects a high turnout.  So prove your City Council Members right and fill the halls next week with people who got downtown on two wheels.

(Ed. Note: Two items will be heard on Wednesday.  One is the Bike Plan (an action item) and one is the 5 year implementation strategy (an information item requiring no vote))

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