Draft LA Bike Plan Before CPC 12/16, Follow the Proceedings with LADOT Bike Blog

Finals, finally, are over.  That means LADOT Bike Blog is back to the grind, providing LA’s bicycling public with news and information from the LADOT Bike Program.  Look forward to a retrospective of 2010’s bicycle accomplishments, a continuation of the “Anatomy of a Bicycle Friendly Street” series, and coverage of the Draft LA Bike Plan as it wends its way through City commissions, committees, and (eventually) the City Council.

With changes made, the newest draft is closer to 1,680 miles...

Excellent Coverage by the Bike Community

Much virtual ink has already been spilled over the most recent changes to the Draft LA Bike Plan.  You can read about it at Streetsblog, at LACBC, at Biking in LA, and at Bikeside.  LADOT Bike Blog doesn’t have too much to add at this juncture.  It’s a real pain that the release of the newest changes to the Draft Plan came during finals week; by the time we had belatedly finished reading through the amendment, pretty much all the ground had been covered.

Meeting Details

The Draft LA Bike Plan comes before the City Planning Commission for a second hearing.  Held at City Hall last month, this month’s Planning Commission hearing is being held at Van Nuys City Hall at 8:30 AM this coming Thursday morning.  That’s at 14410 Sylan Street in the Valley, for those who don’t know.  Thankfully, Van Nuys City Hall is eminently accessible from the Orange Line Metro BRT, just blocks from the Van Nuys stop.

You can download agenda here and the Draft LA Bike Plan is listed as agenda item # 4.  As a continued item from last month’s Planning Commission hearing, the item is supposed to be heard after public comment but before any of the new items come before the Planning Commission.  This means it’s likely to be heard before 10:00.  Doors open for the Planning Commission at 8:30, so make sure you get down to Van Nuys City Hall bright and early on Thursday morning.

LADOT Bike Blog Live-Blog

In case you can’t attend the Planning Commission Meeting yourself, you can listen in with the City’s live audio feed.  If you can’t listen to the audio feed, LADOT Bike Blog will be live-blogging the proceedings for your reading pleasure.  Be sure to check out LADOT Bike Blog on the morning of the 16th; we’ll be continually refreshing our page to keep you up to date on Draft LA Bike Plan as it moves through the City Planning Commission.  Not being able to attend the meeting shouldn’t preclude anyone from knowing what the public and the Commissioners are saying and doing on their behalf.

Next Steps

Once the Draft Plan moves through the Planning Commission, the plan will most likely be heard by the PLUM -Planning and Land Use- Committee (possibly in a joint session with the Transportation Committee).  After moving through those committees, the plan come before the City Council.  Once approved by the City Council, the plan will be adopted into the City’s General Plan.  And that’s where the fun part begins.

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