Downtown Bike Ride (updated)

Update: One of my awesome LADOT colleagues took some photos of the Downtown Bike Ride as well.  You can check them out here on the LADOT Bike Blog flickr page.

Yesterday morning, LADOT Bike Blog took part in the Dowtown Bicycle Ride.  Starting and ending at Olvera Plaza, the four mile loop went through many downtown districts.  Metro and LADOT staff were on hand for the ride as well as an escort from LAPD’s bicycle squad.  Young and old, fixies and fold-ups, spandex and suits were all in attendance.

The media coverage again was heavy.  More free stuff was given out, especially delicious mini cliff bars.  There was also a guy getting out the word for the “Think Cure Bike Challenge“, coming up this fall.

Cliff Bars!

The ride itself was unlike anything I’d been a part of before.  A few officers from our LAPD bicycle escort would set up in each intersection to stop all traffic as we all rode through, then we would join the officers bringing up the rear once everyone had passed.  Then a few of the officers in the back would sprint their way up to the front to replace the next set of officers blocking off the next intersection.  I’ve never ridden that quickly or smoothly through downtown in my life.  I didn’t feel intrepid enough to take pictures while on the ride, but fortunately Carter Rubin, LA Streetsblog’s newest reporter, offered to let me link to his photos of the ride.  They’re pretty stunning.  It was just a wonderful event and was the perfect warm-up for Bike to Work Day.

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