Don’t Trash Rehash

Rendering of the banner on a Collection Vehicle

We’re back with the Don’t Trash the Bike Lanes campaign!  As you may recall, last year we began to design a campaign in partnership with the Bureau of Sanitation to remind Angelenos to refrain from placing their trash cans in bike lanes (or otherwise obstructing them).  The campaign will focus on training Bureau of Sanitation employees to not place refuse bins in bike lanes after dumping, and will raise public awareness with a banner campaign on Sanitation Vehicles.

In preparation for launching this campaign, we wanted to get updated input from you, our readers, on bike lanes particularly hard hit by trash bins.  So far our list includes the following streets, which are ranked according to complaints we have received from the public (top priority labeled as 1):

1 – Venice Blvd/Sawtelle (Eastbound)
1 – Silver Lake Blvd b/w Duane/Sunset (both directions)
2 – Venice Blvd/405 (Westbound)
2 – Eagle Rock Blvd b/w Fletcher/York (Northbound)
2 – Avenue 50 b/w El Paso and Figueroa (both directions)
3 – Exposition b/w Vermont and Western (both  directions)
4 – Ohio (Eastbound)
4 – Reseda (Northbound)
4 – Griffin (Southbound)
4 – Griffith Park Bl

Trash bins line Griffin Ave.’s new bufffered bike lane

Please let us know in the comments where you suggest we focus this campaign!

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  1. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    Completely agree on Silver Lake Blvd. and Griffith Park Blvd. (probably the others too, but these are the two I ride regularly). Thanks for giving this attention!

  2. Maureen Hearn
    Maureen Hearn says:

    Elysian park is a nightmare on the week- ends plenty of bins people just throw their trash on the ground….how about enforcing the NO LITTER LAW that other communities abide by and have clean parks and streets………..also where sunset meets Echo park blvd..those few blocks r disgusting!!

  3. patrick
    patrick says:

    Placing a notice on offending trash cans stating that “improperly placed bins will not be collected in the future” would solve this problem in one week. The east side of Griffith Park Blvd is one long obstacle course.

  4. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    Venice Blvd westbound is a problem for me every week. It’s extremely dangerous in that it forces you into traffic after you cross the intersection at sawtelle.

  5. tsw
    tsw says:

    Where’s the home / business owner supposed to put the trash? In the traffic lane? I get calls all the time with Sanitation refusing to pick up the trash since vehicles are parked in front of the property and there is no where to put the cans except on the sidewalk. Since when do bicycles get to not only run vehicles off the road but prevent trash pick up.


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