Council Action to Temporarily Close Mason Ave Bike Lane

This Friday, the Los Angeles City Council is likely to vote in favor of Council File 12-1525, which will require LADOT to close the bike lane on N. Mason Ave for a maximum of six months. The closure starts from Sesnon Blvd. in the North, and goes to Corbin Ave in the South (totaling approximately 0.95 miles), and will only affect the eastern lane (north-bound); the western side bike lane (south-bound) will remain open.

The reason behind this closure is due to the newly constructed Porter Ranch Community School, where LAUSD and the developer failed to account for and provide adequate parking facilities for parents and the drop off of students when the new school opened this year. In order to address concerns regarding pedestrian safety and vehicular congestion, the City plans to create interim parking along N. Mason Ave. This provisional parking unfortunately requires that the bike lane be merged with the motorized travel lane until more permanent on-street parking can be designed and installed; at that time, the N. Mason Ave bike lane will re-open, along with a permanent parking lane near the school, within a maximum closure of six (6) months. Signage will posted along the closure to inform cyclists and drivers alike that the lane will be used by all modes of transportation.

LADOT is currently working with Council District 12 to rectify the situation and address any impacts caused by the bike lane closure.


On Wednesday, the City Council Transportation Committee will meet and likely support this Motion, which should then acted upon by City Council on Friday. The Bicycle Plan requires a public hearing by the Transportation Committee for any proposed bicycle lane, path removal or street improvement that would remove an existing or designated bicycle lane or path.

If you wish to be more closely involved, you can attend both the Council and/or Committee meetings and voice your opinion. City Council meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at City Hall, in Room 340, at 10:00 AM. The Transportation Committee meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday, at 2:00 PM, in Room 1010. You can also sign up to receive Council and Committee agendas and meeting summaries from the City Clerk.

Updates regarding the closure and re-opening process for N. Mason, including dates, will be posted here.


*On Wednesday, October 10, the Transportation Committee approved as amended to extend the removal of the bicycle lane to Calabria Way, a newly constructed street intersecting with Mason Ave north of Corbin Ave. The T-Committee also directed LADOT to report back on the recovery of related City costs and recommendations for improving traffic and parking plans at new schools.*

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