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Foursquare Page

The LADOT Bike Program has created our very own foursquare page that will allow you to interact with our bicycle corral facilities online and on your smartphone! Foursquare is a social networking application that allows users to keep up with friends, discover what’s near by, and save money by unlocking rewards and specials. We’re hoping to tap into the platform to encourage exploration of our city by bicycle.


Screen grab of a tip at the York Blvd. Ave. 50 Bike Corral

We’ve created new foursquare venues for each of our existing bike corrals: York and Ave. 50 and Sunset Triangle Plaza. You can check in (and battle it out for the mayorship), leave tips (we’ve provided some parking tips to get you started), and upload your favorite corral pictures to each facility. Foursquare encourages people to leave tips to share local insights with your friends and the foursquare community.

York Blvd. Corral Page

Example of Bike Corral main page

Our foursquare page also has links to our main webpage, the blog, our facebook, and our twitter page. Each bike corral venue page also displays important information about the bike corral including its location and capacity. Be sure to follow us on foursquare! Our user name is the same as our twitter handle: ladotbikeprog.

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