Coming Soon: More Bike Corrals!

The site of the soon-to-be installed bike corral in Atwater Village.

It seems so distant, but February 18th, 2011, just two and a half years ago, was when the city’s first bike corral was installed on York Boulevard in Northeast LA.

Getting the corral off the drawing board and onto the ground was a lengthy process, but ultimately the project was able to march ahead thanks to both local residents’ support and political will. The day the bike corral officially opened was rightfully celebrated as a great stride in the city’s efforts to become more bicycle friendly.

Shortly after the York Boulevard bike corral was installed, we released a bike corral application form to gauge interest for future potential bike corral locations. Approximately a year after the city’s inaugural corral was installed, a second was placed as part of the Sunset Triangle Plaza in Silver Lake.

However, things have been relatively quiet on the bike corral front since then. Back in January 2013, we announced on the Bike Blog that we’d received over 25 bike corral applications, many directly from businesses owners.

We are happy to announce the city is now ready to move forward with an expansion of our pilot program over the next few months, hopefully to 7-10 locations, the first of which will be in Atwater Village at Kaldi Coffee (3147 Glendale Boulevard).


More locations are in the immediate queue, and we will be sure to continue to update everyone on our progress as the we continue to roll out more bike corrals. If you know of any other locations that may be well suited for bike corrals, please fill out our bike corral interest form. Approved locations will be installed on a first come, first serve basis.

Also, if you have not yet seen it, be sure to check out the LADOT Bike Corral Brochure–it gives a quick run down of how bike corrals work and lists their many benefits.

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