City Council Transportation Meeting Reviews Bike Plan Implementation

Bikeways Engineer Tim Fremaux rides the new Huntington Dr. bike lane.

This past Wednesday afternoon, June 27th, the City Council Transportation Committee held its bi-monthly meeting and discussed the actions taken to implement the 2010 Bicycle Plan through the first six months of this year. Both David Somers, Bicycle Planner for the Planning Department, and Michelle Mowery, Sr. Bicycle Coordinator for LADOT, presented to the Council on the program’s quarterly report. The five-year implementation plan calls for 200 miles of bicycle facilities to be built, and the City has already exceeded this year’s goal of 40 miles of bikeways (we’ll have more to say about this next week). The bicycle projects completed over the past fiscal year, through May 31st, can be viewed here. On the bike parking front, LADOT has installed 2 bike corrals and 601 U-racks during this past fiscal year.

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The report gives a good summary of a variety of Bike Plan programs and efforts being implemented to encourage and increase bicycling in the City. This includes a soon to be launched Bicycle Friendly Business program, which will include businesses throughout Los Angeles supporting and sponsoring bike corrals, bike repair stations, and eventually various other incentives (such as discounts or coupons for bicyclists). City Council Transportation Committee meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 2pm. These meetings are open to the public. Do read the submitted report for many additional details.

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