CicLAvia’s coming!! Details Abound; Volunteers still needed

CicLAvia is now only 5 days away, and LADOT Bike Blog can hardly bear the waiting.  We admit to getting giddy feelings every time we see a sign, like the one below, along the route.  Seeing physical proof of the CicLAvia to come just makes the reality even more concrete: LA will shut down 7 miles of street to cars this Sunday so that people may walk, ride, play, and just be.

The signs are also a reminder, however, that there’s still work left to be done; the folks at CicLAvia are still looking for a few volunteers and LADOT Bike Blog urges our readers to give them a helping hand.  We’ve already volunteered for the event and so should you.  You can not only help make this CicLAvia a success, but also help make sure CicLAvias keep coming back again and again.

There are also a whole slate of events taking place during CicLAvia and we’d love to share some of them with you below the fold.


Are you ready for CicLAvia? We sure are!

Counting Volunteers

The organizers of CicLAvia are looking for volunteers to conduct counts of bicyclists, pedestrians, and everything else in between.  You can volunteer by contacting CicLAvia at

Counts Matter

By getting counts of what is sure to be a multitude of people, CicLAvia will be able to point to their success when getting the City to agree to hosting the event again.  The counts can also offer valuable bicycle ridership numbers for LADOT – a category that has not received nearly enough attention to date.  By volunteering just a few hours (each stint is only 3 hours long), you can help to not only make CicLAvia a success this year, but also to help forward the interests of bicyclists and pedestrians in our City for years to come.

On top of that, volunteering should be a ton of fun!  Imagine all the people-watching you’ll get to do during such a unique and fun event!

Imagine counting CicLAvia

Fun Along the Route

Even though counts are important, CicLAvia isn’t all about work.  There are also a bunch of events planned out in different parts of the route. You can check out all the events at CicLAvia’s Meetup page and you can event create your own event!

Neighborhood Docents

Kyla Fullenwider and Karen Mack, members of the CicLAvia steering committee, are developing a Neighborhood Docent project, where a resident of each neighborhood you visit will show you around.  In Little Tokyo you’ll be able to sit and have some tea.  Up at Heliotrope & Melrose, you can get some gelato.  In MacArthur Park, Sandi from Mama’s Hot Tamales is setting up a DJ, offering demonstrations on the art of making a tamale, and is offering a 10% discount all day.

Other Events

Other events are a meeting of urban gardeners at 3rd & Main in Downtown, two different “kids rides” along parts of the CicLAvia route, a rally for alternative energy sources on the City Hall lawn, and what are sure to be a number of other spontaneous events taking place along the CicLAvia route throughout the day.

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