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Here’s our latest video, this time covering last month’s CicLAvia! I apologize for the month delay, I hope the increased production quality makes the wait worth it! I’ve started collaborating with LADOT’s professional videographer, Medgar Parish, who shot all the footage and has been teaching me the ways of Final Cut. I hope you enjoy the video. I think we got some great shots!

CicLAvia was the lead in a short story about bicycling in Los Angeles in the New York Times this past weekend. I strongly encourage you to check out the article! Our very own Bicycle Coordinator Nate Baird is mentioned, as well as Bike Blog favorites Joe Linton, Damien Newton, and Janette Sadik-Khan. It’s great to see the New York Times recognizing all the work being done in Los Angeles, and CicLAvia is an embodiment of the pro-bike spirit.

People enjoying this past April’s CicLAvia

If you couldn’t make it, hopefully this video will inspire you to come out to the next CicLAvia in October! I always look forward to CicLAvia. It’s a great way to experience  Los Angeles and I hope they become more regular. You’re surrounded by friendly, smiling faces and its fantastic seeing streets packed with bicylists and pedestrians. For more information about CicLAvia, visit their website and if you can spare a donation it’s an excellent cause.

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