CicLAvia This Sunday!!!

The LADOT Bike Program is excited to announce that we have created some fun and educational posters to display at this October’s CicLAvia event. There are three different poster designs with concepts that are informative, celebratory, and forward looking. Be on the look out for them at select locations along the route. Also, the LADOT Bike Program will be at CicLAvia pulling a trailer full of goodies that include (but are not limited to) bike maps, LADOT water bottles, bike lights, pencils, and pins; so don’t be shy, pull us over and get some swag. More on the posters below the fold.


Assistant Bicycle Coordinator Emily Dwyer with the LADOT bike trailer emptied of bike maps, pins, pencils, water bottles, at the last CicLAvia

Informative Sharrows Information

To help introduce everybody to the recently installed 20 miles of sharrows, we have created a poster designed to educate both bicyclists and drivers alike on how to treat shared lane markings (explained quickly and simply).

In the comments section, many of you have expressed concern about whether drivers know what a sharrow is. Here’s an example from commenter Elson:

I love seeing the Sharrows…if only motorists knew what they are for exactly.

We hope that this poster will help CicLAvia participants talk to their friends and neighbors about sharrows (including those along the CicLAvia route) so that motorists and bicyclists alike (and many of us are both at different times) will become better acquainted with them.

Two key talking points: 1) Sharrows are to remind motorists to expect bicyclists in the roadway, right in front of them and beside. Motorists should be ready to hit their brakes, keep a safe distance behind, and only pass when there’s plenty of room to do so. Bicyclists have a right to be in the lane. 2) Sharrows provide bicyclists some basic guidance on lane position and orientation (ride with traffic and out of the door zone).

Celebrate Bike Lanes

7th St. bike lanes have been a long time coming, and many at CicLAvia may not know that they exist, or that they are brand new. This poster celebrates a street that now offers a much more convenient, calmer, and safer alternative to major midtown thoroughfares such as Wilshire Blvd. It is an important facility that connects the communities of Koreatown, MacArthur Park, and Downtown Los Angeles. This CicLAvia, we get the opportunity to celebrate one of the first important results of our new Bike Plan. Its a great example of a successful road diet, too. On the left, an unbalanced street, on the right, a healthier alternative.


A Forward Looking 4th

4th Street is a very important street for L.A. bicyclists. The Bicyle Plan Implementation Team has designated it as a high priority project. Many look forward to seeing 4th St. implemented as L.A.’s first Bicycle Friendly Street. Although there have been a few set backs, we look forward to implementing what makes most sense. and would like to give the public a taste of what they could expect for a more bicycle friendly 4th St.


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