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LADOT Bike Blog had a great time at cicLAvia this past Sunday.  We were up bright and early downtown to catch the Mayor’s press conference in Little Tokyo, and then we spent much of the day tooling back and forth between Boyle Heights and Koreatown.
P1030219From our view on the street, this cicLAvia seemed to be even more well attended than the first one. We’ll have to wait until some kind of official count comes out, but most folks seem to be suggesting estimates of anywhere between double and triple the number of participants from last time.


There were so many bikes that some intersections had bicycle traffic jams. This amazing time-lapse video at MacArthur Park shows just how popular the route was.

[vimeo 22227425 w=400 h=225]

CicLAvia (Tilt-shifted) from Nicholas Dahmann on Vimeo.

In addition to people bicycling, we saw dads throwing around footballs with their sons, people skipping double-dutch ropes, a drum circle in Hollenbeck Park, dodgeball in Pico Union, and lots of other fun activities.

We also saw the guys from the Metro Bike Program riding around with their mobile booth.  Both Metro and LADOT pulled bike trailers along the route while giving away bike maps, patch kits, ankle straps, and other goodies to people on the street.
We’d like to extend our thanks out to all the people who helped make last Sunday such a memorable one.  Thanks to the cicLAvia board and all their dedicated volunteers, thanks to the Mayor for the leadership he provided in making cicLAvia happen, thanks to LAPD and the LADOT traffic officers who kept all the intersections and riders safe, thanks to Metro for putting extra rail cars in service to accommodate all the participants who took transit to cicLAvia, and thank you to every Angelino who came out to play on the streets and make cicLAvia a success.

So what were your stories from cicLAvia? Share your experiences and photos with us in the comments section below.  You can see all our cicLAvia photos from Sunday at our flickr page.

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  1. Rick Risemberg
    Rick Risemberg says:

    Here’s a link to our photoset, with commentaries on each photo.

    We had a wonderful time! Only regret was that the route wasn’t longer and the streets open later.

    Next time, more miles and longer hours!!!!!

    Every day, cars blockade all the streets; a few days a year should be ours. The vast throngs of non-enthusiast riders show that people WANT the chance to ride their bikes on LA’s streets!

  2. Paul S
    Paul S says:

    Had a great time, this was an awesome event that everyone needs to experience.

    Only comment I have is to not reduce the lanes of traffic at the traffic crossing intersections. At almost every intersection the vehicle traffic was reduced to one lane in each direction, even if the road allows for two or three lanes of through traffic. I am sure this made for a much worse traffic congestion around this event. I totally agree that this event is well worth the inconvenience of the non participant that have to be in the area but the city should at least do everything they can to not make it worse then needed.

    Also the reduction of the lanes at the intersections on the route needs to be large enough to accommodate the participants of all skill levels combined. Some were of adequate size and layout and some reduced the participants down to half a lane on both the approaching side and the opposite side after you crossed the intersection making it so the participants crossing the intersection would bottle up in the intersection. A standard needs to be developed and used through out the route.

    These are the only thing that I saw in the entire route that I think needs improvement. Thank you to the organizers, the volunteers and city workers that made this a great event.


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