Bike Parking & Stencil Retirement

Bike Parking Update

Just to update everyone on the status of bike rack installations: Last October, LADOT Bike Blog sought input on good locations to place bike racks. Thanks to your valuable insight, LADOT has received over 130 requests! Since our last post on the matter, we have now installed over 120  additional racks!


Hannah (one of our awesome interns) marking a sidewalk in Chinatown

As always, if you think you know a great location for a bike rack, please submit your bike rack request here. Be sure to review our past post “How to Get a Bike Rack” for some general rules of thumb to make sure your suggested location will work. Also, you can check out our rack inventory progress in map form by clicking the MAPS tab at the top of the LADOT bike blog page.

The Process

So how exactly do we get from receiving your lovely requests to actually installing a bike rack? Well first (what I consider the most important part of the process) is for you to send in those requests! Next up, we catalog your requests into our database. From there, we check to make sure that your requests meet a few requisites (inside the City of Los Angeles, etc). Then comes the fun part–we head out and mark the racks! If for some reason we are unable to mark your request, we will e-mail you the reason why. Finally, our contractor goes out and installs the racks for everyone to enjoy. And because we’ve recently purchased an additional 350 racks, we’ve got tons of racks that need to find happy homes next to L.A. businesses (so do keep the requests coming).


One part parking space, one part social gathering place! Who wouldn't want one?

Now That’s Progress

Our interns have been busy cataloging, sorting, mapping and marking future bike rack locations throughout the city. Progress can be seen in the form of LADOT rack markings on sidewalks in a number of Los Angeles neighborhoods. With so many locations marked for future bike rack installation, the LADOT Bike Blog is celebrating the retirement of our stencil.

Mmm... crusty....

This battle tested stencil has served the Bikeways department very well over the years, and is beginning to show its age: as evidenced by the cake like crustiness of the orange paint seen above. Join us in celebrating the retirement of the stencil, which now hangs in the LADOT Bikeways Hall of Fame (the intern “bull pen”, Cubicle 09-K1-18). Let’s hear it for progress!


LADOT Bike Program “Call For Projects” Applications

The LADOT Bike Program has 8 project applications in this year's Call For Projects

One of the goals for the LADOT Bike Blog has been bringing a greater degree of departmental communication to the LADOT Bike Program.  We think it’s extremely important for you to know what we are doing to improve conditions for bicyclists in Los Angeles.

Towards that end, we’re proud to publicly unveil 8 project applications that the LADOT Bike Program is submitting to Metro for their Call For Projects.  While you could probably find all the project titles by searching through LADOT and Metro records, LADOT Bike Blog wants to go a little more in-depth on our applications and give a deeper explanation of the application process and our process for applying.
Read more

New Google Map for all 2010 LADOT Bicycle Facilities

Per the excellent suggestion of Eric B., LADOT Bike Blog has now created a single map showing all LADOT bicycle facility projects, both Bike Lanes, Bike Paths & Sharrows, either completed or in design stages in 2010.  To see the map, click here or on the map below.

A color-coded map by project type and status

We’ll do our best to keep the map updated as the statuses of bike facilities change.  We’ll also add projects as they come onto the LADOT Bikeways schedule.  A large number of projects could be added to the map come December/January when City Planning’s draft 2010 LA Bike Plan is expected to come before City Council for consideration and, hopefully, adoption.  Each year of the draft 2010 LA Bike Plan’s 5 year expenditure plan calls for 40 miles of projects to be added to the schedule.  That would be a lot more lines on the map.

Don’t forget!  Dates have been announced for open houses/public comment on the bike plan.  Make sure you attend one of them or sign up for the webinar.

New “Sharrows” Tab

LADOT Bike Blog is going to attempt a steady revamp of the site over the next month or so in order to make information more accessible to our readers.

Along those lines, if you take a look at the tabs atop our homepage you should notice a new one labeled “Sharrows”.

LA River Ride

LADOT Bike Blog had the pleasure of participating in his first LA River Ride.  It was the 10th Annual LA River Ride, with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition playing gracious hosts.  Many dedicated LACBC volunteers were on hand to help all the bicyclists get registered and ready for the ride.

LA River sign Read more

Let’s all welcome the new kid!

Good Afternoon, Bicyclist.

Bicycle Bicycle Rack 3

LADOT Bike Racks - waiting for you

We’re inviting you to join us in this new endeavor we’re calling the “LADOT Bike Blog”. The bicycling community in Los Angeles has seen explosive growth over the last few years and the online bicycling community has grown along with it. Accordingly, the L.A. bicycling community deserves an online source of information on bike happenings from LADOT Bikeways. Read more