This Week In Bike Culture Part 5


In this edition of “This Week in Bike Culture,” we begin with a StreetsFilm video about the Minneapolis’ elaborate bike network. In an inspiring tale for bike advocates, planners replaced an old industrial railway with a beautiful bike lane. Kick back and enjoy this one, and watch it in HD if you can it’s truly breathtaking. When you’re done continue reading!

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This Week In Bike Culture

In our fourth installment of “This Week In Bike Culture,” we begin with International Carfree Day, which happens to be today! It’s very fitting then, considering the ThinkBike conference, that most of the staff has been bicycling around the city showing the Dutch consulate what Los Angeles has to offer. I’m sadly stranded at the office due to a faulty bike brake that WD-40 couldn’t repair.

International Carfree Day

Sponsored by the World Carfree Network, this global event aims to show citizens what life is like without cars. This nonprofit group promotes multi-modal transportation networks, and reminds us that we don’t have to accept car dominated systems. So remember to use your feet, use your skateboard, take the subway, or even ride your bike!

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This Week In Bike Culture Part 3

Credit: LA Times

LA Times Covers the 7th Street Lane Diet!

In our third installment of this Week In Bike Culture, we have some particularly exciting news. While we hope you are already aware of the 7th Street lane diet that our department recently installed, the LA Times did a full write-up of the newly installed bike lane last Friday. Tim Fremaux, an engineer on the bike team, was interviewed and quoted for the piece! It’s truly gratifying to see the city taking notice of this great project!

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This Week in Bike Culture: Part Two

How young is too young to bike with your kid?

Welcome back to our on-going series: This Week in Bike Culture. Our first article this week comes from a Toronto based newspaper: the Globe and Mail. This piece offers an insightful look into how parents decide when the right time is to share their joy of riding with their kids. Turns out it depends on a number of factors from nagging in laws to personal experience. Join us below the fold for some more interesting reads.

Amanda Beernink buckles up her son Tayo, 9 months, to go for an early bike ride Thursday morning in Vancouver, BC. Photo: Laura Leyshon for the Globe and Mail

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This Week In Bike Culture: Part One

Welcome to our new series: This Week In Bike Culture! In this weekly update, I’ll be posting about various newspaper articles, blogs, and other miscellaneous projects that titillate the Bicycle Program at the Department of Transportation. We hope they interest you as much as they interested us.

Our first posting we found from Huffington Post, and is a series of pictures where abandoned bikes have been redone into street-art projects. Re-purposing an eye-sore into an object of beauty, this anonymous artist deserves a tip of the hat! Our favorite picture is included in the masthead, but if you’d like to see more click here.

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