Clear your calendar, Bike Week LA 2015 is here!

It’s our favorite time of the year! Bike Week LA is back once again!

The annual week-long bici-centric event, sponsored by Metro, will fill May 10-15 with more bicycle-oriented activities than ever before! More?  Yes MORE! Bike Week focuses on encouraging people to ride their bicycles, raising awareness about people on bikes but also about all active transportation users in Los Angeles. Some of the week’s highlights include bike repair workshops, the infamous Bike to Work Day pit stops, and evening festivities to make sure you’re hooked up with people who share your interests! If you’ve never participated in Bike Week, do not fear, Bike Week is for YOU! It’s full of resources and activities for everyone, from the new to the experienced rider, from the bicycle-curious to the bikeaholic.

Come see Color Wheels at Caltrans District 7 on Thursday 5/14!

Bike Week LA 2015 Lineup:

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Alex Baum Bridge re-dedication ceremony this Thursday (You’re invited!)

Alex Baum Bicycle Bridge

Making way for the new plaque to be installed

On Thursday, from 11 to 12 p.m. LADOT and Council member Tom LaBonge will be re-dedicating the Alex Baum Bicycle Bridge in a ceremony from 11 to 12 at the bridge, located above Los Feliz Blvd. The dedication ceremony will showcase new bronze plaques (unveiled earlier this year at the Blessing of the Bicycles) honoring Alex Baum and his role in promoting bicycling in Los Angeles (just in time for his birthday.) Parking will be limited so we are encouraging attendees to bike, take transit or carpool to the ceremony. Join in the celebration to get a first-hand look at the plaques and a chance to hear guest speakers honor Alex’s accomplishments and L.A’s long bicycling history.

Please note, that the bicycle bridge will be closed to bicyclists from 10:30 to 11:30 for the purpose of the ceremony. A clearly signed detour will be available for bicyclists passing through the area at this time.

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League of American Bicyclists Awards Los Angeles as Bicycle Friendly Community at the Bronze Level

Andy Clarke, of the League of American Bicyclists, announces the City of Los Angeles’ bronze level award as a Bicycle Friendly Community.

This morning, LADOT Bikeways staff, Councilmember Reyes, and representatives from the Mayor’s Office, gathered with bicycle advocates including members from the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition at Mac Arthur Park to witness the League of American Bicyclists President, Andy Clarke recognize the City as a Bicycle Friendly Community at the bronze level. While Los Angeles was only one of several dozen new bicycle friendly communities to receive an award, the League recognized the City’s distinct challenges, affirming that,  “Leaders like Los Angeles serve as a great example that even cities known for Carmageddon can take cost-effective steps to start making cycling an integrated part of the transportation system.”

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L.A. native documents the urban bicycling experience with RIDE: In Living Color

RIDE: In Living Color is a film that documents the stories and experiences of African-American cyclists around the country with a particular emphasis on biking in Los Angeles. Directed by L.A. native Yolanda Davis-Overstreet, the film interviews  members of the African American cycling community,  focusing on each bicyclist’s personal story and the role bicycling plays in their lives. Their stories range from tales of competitive racers to how one bicycling group is working to feed the homeless.


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This Week In Bike Culture: Part 12

Artist Makes Sculptures Out of Recycled Bike Chains!

Artist Young-Deok Seo has created this beautiful sculpture entirely out of chain-links found in bicycle chains. A picture speaks a thousand words, so just go to this blog and check out the rest of Seo’s awesome works of art!

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This Week in Bike Culture: Part 10

Fighting the Power with Bicycle Power! Photo cred: Huffington Post

Wow! It’s hard to believe I’ve already done ten of these, time flies when you’re having fun.

The 99% Powered By Bicycle

Our first posting is about the Occupy Wall Street movement, who have been forced to think outside the box after clashing with the NYPD. In a recent police raid, the protests gas-powered generators were confiscated by the authorities who cited fire dangers. In response, organizers have begun to employ DIY bike-powered generators and are seeking donations to construct more. The increase in sustainability comes at a sacrifice: it can take up to two hours of uninterrupted pedaling to charge up their car batteries. The Bicycle Program  applauds this innovative use of bicycles! Continue reading for more inspiration!

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This Week In Bike Culture: Part 9


Vista Street Bike Boulevard

Here is Part II to the video JoJo and I made for Vista Street. It’s meant to be a supplement to the first video, and features extended interviews with Allan Crawford, the Bicycle Coordinator in Long Beach. Let us know what you think, and if you missed Part I click here!

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This Week In Bike Culture: Part 8

Bikeway Map from 1896

This is a really cool find! An 1896 map of California Bikeways which was dug up and scanned for our viewing pleasure. Click on the link for a “” version of the map, which is higher resolution and is infinitely zoomable. If you’re looking for a more modern version, click here to see our bikeway maps! Continue reading for more interesting postings!

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This Week In Bike Culture: Part 7

Reality Doesn't Suck! Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

General Motors Publishes Anti-Bike Advertisement

In this week’s installment of  “This Week in Bike Culture” we begin with an advertisement that’s set the bike community ablaze! General Motors pokes fun at cyclists in an attempt to attract college students to a new promotion. The advertisement, shown above, shows an attractive girl smirking at a biking university student with the lines like “Reality Sucks!” and  “Stop pedaling… star driving!” This is not the message auto-makers should be sending, especially after GM markets itself as a “green” car company with the Chevy Volt.  Thankfully, GM has since pulled the advertisement explaining that the “content of the ad was developed with college students and was meant to be a bit cheeky and humorous.” While removing the advertisement was a positive step, GM needs to put a little more consideration into their advertisements next time. More this week below the fold!

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This Week In Bike Culture Part 6

CicLAvia This Sunday!!


If you want to experience Los Angeles’ bike culture in full force, come out to CicLAvia this Sunday in Downtown LA! It’s a tour de force of how far the bicycling has come in this city, and how motivated we are to keep on trucking! There will be numerous group rides (here’s the route) and we expect a massive turnout this year so be prepared for a Downtown full of people walking and bicycling! The LADOT will be around City Hall; stop by our booth to get some DOT schwag, including a limited number of bike socks and tire repair kits. Be sure to come down this Sunday, it’s sure to be a treat.

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