Bikes Lanes Installed on Winnetka Avenue

Another 4.6 miles of bike lanes have been added in Los Angeles, this time along a 2.3 mile stretch of road in the Valley.  As identified earlier this month on the LA Eco Village Blog, Winnetka Ave, from Gault Street to Nordhoff Street, now has bike lanes striped. View Larger Map.

It's 2.3 miles from Gault... Nordhoff

Called for in the 1996 LA Bike Plan, these bike lanes will help create better bicycle connectivity between the Orange Line and areas of Valley further to the north.  Not only will the bike lanes create a better connection to the Orange Line, but it will also create a closer connection to Pierce College, one of LA’s nine community colleges.  Additionally, the Pierce College station on the Orange Line is part of the Orange Line Bike Path, which extends eastward all the way to Coldwater Canyon Road in Sherman Oaks.

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Tour LaBonge Week 2: Positively Fourth Street

Last Wednesday LADOT Bike Blog had the pleasure of riding in the “Tour LaBonge”, a series of group rides throughout the summer hosted by District 4 Council Member Tom LaBonge.  The Tour LaBonge takes place at a different location in District 4 every Wednesday, from 5:30 until the ride is finished.  You can view photos from previous rides on Council District 4’s flickr page.  On Wednesday June 23rd, LADOT Bike Blog took part in the “Positively Fourth Street” ride.  The next ride is tomorrow, Wednesday June 29th at 5:30.  Riding through Toluca Lake and North Hollywood, the website for Council Member LaBonge tells riders:

Meet at Councilmember LaBonge’s Valley Field Office, 10116 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake

Here's the schedule for the remaining rides of Tour LaBonge

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LA Critical Mass: New Experiences, New Friends, New Era?

This last Friday, LADOT Bike Blog took part in a history-making LA Critical Mass ride. For the first time, LAPD rode with the Critical Mass riders, providing both recognition and escort to the decades-old event. Read more

2nd Anniversary for East Side Bike Club this Weekend

(Ed. note:  Though I was invited to this event, I will sadly be out of town over the weekend.  Instead, I wanted to pass the invitation on to all readers of LADOT Bike Blog.)

The East Side Bike Club will be celebrating their second year in existence with the “2nd Gear Bike Ride”.  Led by Carlos Morales AKA Chapulin, the East Side Bike Club has been organizing group rides for the last two years throughout East LA, Highland Park, Lincoln Park, Boyle Heights, and elsewhere on the east side, the East Side Bike Club provides community and camaraderie for east side bicyclists.

Saturday, June 26th, 2PM - 9PM

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Sharrows Installed on Reseda Boulevard

Sharrows were installed this week on Reseda Boulevard in the Valley as the third of six locations this summer(listed by the LA Eco Village Blog). The Sharrows extend .8 miles from Vanowen Street to Valerio Street.   LADOT Bikeways hopes to install bike lanes on Reseda to the north of the pilot site, as Reseda Boulevard north of Valerio Street has a curb lane width that would support bike lane installation.

New Sharrows on Reseda Boulevard

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Fountain Ave Sharrows in the News

There's a whole lot about Sharrows in the news

There’s been a lot of chatter, both positive and negative, regarding the installation of Sharrows on Fountain. Good, bad, or ugly – LADOT Bike Blog is just happy to get people out there talking about Sharrows. The more people talk about Sharrows, the more likely people are to go out and ride them every day. The more people riding Sharrows every day, the more likely the Sharrows pilot project will be a success. So keep blogging and keep riding.

LACBC Blog – Sharrows Test Rides Kick Off, 2 More Weeks Before Paint on the Ground

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Streetsblog – A Chorus of Cheers, But Then Some Jeers, Greet “L.A.’s First Sharrows”

LAist – L.A. Installs First Official Sharrows

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Frontage Roads: Fountain Ave. Sharrows – Not Ready for Primetime?

SoapBoxLA: How Embarrassing! LA’s new Sharrows misplaced by LADOT’s Bikeways department

SoapBoxLA: LADOT’s Bikeways Department continues to fumble LA’s Sharrows program

SoapBoxLA: LA’s pilot Sharrows project demonstrates need for Standards and Accountability

If you’ve come across other posts about the Fountain Avenue Sharrows, feel free to share them in comments.

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2010 LA Bike Plan Website Online

Here it is, guys.

It certainly is

Go take a look.  LADOT Bike Blog will be reading it over the weekend.

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Bike Lanes on San Pedro

These past few weeks have gone by quickly.  LADOT Bike Blog has to hustle just to keep up with each new development.  Aside from the Sharrows installation taking place (Ed. Note: In case you missed it, Sharrows 101, Sharrows Are Here: A Report From Fountain Avenue, Sharrows on Fourth Street), we have some other good news to report.

Bike Lanes!

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New draft of 2010 LA Bike Plan to be released tomorrow, June 18

Someone seems to have released the floodgates: new developments in bicycle infrastructure and planning are coming rapidly.  Up next for the City is the newest draft of the LA Bike Plan.  No, really: it’s finally here.

The 2010 LA Bike Plan has had a long and tortuous journey, with the first draft submitted by the bicycle consulting firm Alta Planning and Design (the firm behind the Portland’s Bicycle Master Plan Update).  Released in 2009, the Bike Plan met with stiff criticism from community groups and bicycle advocates alike (even earning a rival website seeking to mimic  Many bike advocates called it a “step backwards” while touting the merits of a “Backbone Bikeway Network“(though there was some disagreement).  To address these concerns, the City Planning Department took the draft plan under their wing in an attempt to reshape it and nurse it back to health.

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Sharrows 101

(Ed. Note:  Sorry for the lack of content following the close of Bike Week LA.  LADOT Bike Blog had all of his work hours eaten up by Sharrows studies.  Now that the first phase is completed, he can get back to writing more posts for LA’s bicycling public.  And for Sharrows news from the LACBC, go here)

LADOT – Bikeways is proud and excited to finally embark on a pilot project for the placement of Sharrows throughout Los Angeles.  May and June mark the opening phase of our Shared Lane Marking Study, where we measure the conditions for bicyclists on six different streets throughout the City.  After the initial study (May-June), Sharrows will be installed as a pilot project (June-July), and another study late in the summer (July-August) will measure any changes in motorist behavior on these streets.  With those results in hand, LADOT -Bikeways hopes to justify implementation of a boatload of Sharrows throughout Los Angeles.  But maybe we should clear things up a bit.  First of all: what the heck are “Sharrows”?

Coming soon to LA!

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