Bike Corral Information Document

Bike Corral Info Sheet

With the continued expansion of our Bike Corral pilot program, L.A. now has two corrals with more coming soon. The LADOT Bike Program has been working with local businesses and council offices to identify additional locations for our pilot program expansion. To that end, we thought it would be useful to create a promotional document that describes what a corral is for businesses that may be unfamiliar with the concept. The document outlines the benefits of having a corral and some of the expectations of maintaining the facility. Read more

Bicycle Repair Stations on the Way

Bicycle Repair Station

The LADOT Bicycle Program has been awarded an REI Bicycling Design Best Practices Grant by the Bikes Belong Foundation that we’ll be using to help introduce a Bicycle Friendly Business Program Bicycle Repair Station. The program will fund the placement of Bicycle Repair Stations at several locations throughout the City. More on the program (including a video that shows a repair station in action) below the fold.

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Sunset Triangle Plaza Bike Corral

Silver Lake bike corral

Sunset Triangle Plaza bike corral

Update: Sunset Triangle Plaza and its accompanying bike corral are now open! If you know a commercial district that could use a bike corral, please fill out our interest form and let us know.

LADOT has installed the City’s second-ever bike corral as a part of Living Street L.A.’s Sunset Triangle Plaza Pilot Project. The Plaza, opening this Sunday, March 4th, is at Griffith Park Blvd between Edgecliffe Drive and Maltman Avenue. Be sure to visit Living Streets L.A.’s website to find out more about Living Streets L.A. and their Streets for People initiative. Grand opening festivities are scheduled to take place from 11 AM – 2 PM. Below the fold, more on our latest bike corral.

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Bike corral pilot expansion

The City of Los Angeles will soon be expanding its bike corral pilot program to further evaluate the Department of Transportation”s bike corral design and placement. A bike corral is an on-street parking facility for bicycles. It can typically accommodate 10 to 16 bicycles by re-purposing one or two motor vehicle parking spaces. Earlier this year, L.A. got its first bike corral on the ground in front of Cafe de Leche in the community of Highland Park. The pilot project has been a valuable learning experience for the Department and allows us to move forward with future bike corral facilities in the City. More on the pilot expansion below the fold.

York Blvd Bike Corral

Los Angeles will soon be getting more bike corrals

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York Blvd Bike Corral repaired

Back in August, someone accidentally backed into our bike corral at the intersection of York Blvd and Ave. 50. The corral sustained some damage to the concrete island and the rack frame. Fast forward to November, and we are happy to report that City crews have recently re-bent and re-bolted down the steel track, restoring all of the corral’s spaces to perfect working order. We have also recently submitted work orders for a new improvement to the corral’s design. More on that below the fold.

York Blvd bike corral damage

York Blvd. bike corral damage

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York Blvd bike corral damage

This is a bummer.

The York Blvd. bike corral has sustained some damage. It looks like someone must have backed into it. While we look into getting it fixed, do get a hold of us if you know who did this.