Bicycle Advisory Committee Meets This Tuesday

This Tuesday evening, the Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee meets at 7:00 PM at the Hollywood Neighborhood City Hall (6501 Fountain Avenue).  LADOT Bike Blog will be in attendance, continuing our commitment to giving adequate coverage to BAC meetings.  If you’re interested in issues effecting bicycling in Los Angeles, we highly recommend you also attend.

The BAC at work, via Biking in LA

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LADOT Bike Blog Interviews CicLAvia

This week has had a flurry of CicLAvia news, with Mayor Villaraigosa’s press conference announcing the route for cicLAvia (also covered by Streetsblog and the LACBC blog) followed by the Mayor writing an article for the Huffington Post.  Before all of that, LADOT Bike Blog had the pleasure of speaking last weekend with Bobby Gadda and Stephen Villavaso, two of the organizers behind October’s upcoming CicLAvia event.

Bobby and Stephen, car free, at Gallery 727

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Mayor Villaraigosa Scores Another Win for Bikes; New Bike Racks at City Hall

Mayor Villaraigosa today took another step towards improvements for bicyclists in Los Angeles.  We’ll cover that in a bit, but first: New Bike Racks!


Brand new bike racks, glinting in the sun

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Following Up on a Busy Weekend; A Busy Week Ahead

LADOT Bike Blog immensely enjoyed ourselves at Park(ing) Day.  While we’ll give a wrap-up of what we did, we also want to clue you into events coming over the next few weeks.  There’s a lot going on and we wouldn’t want you miss any of it.  Park(ing) Day, cicLAvia, the Mayor’s continuing advocacy for bikes (both on the radio and a press conference), My Figueroa, Critical Mass, and the 2010 LA Bike Plan … all after the jump!

Just a good old-fashioned park(ing) space downtown

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“GIVE ME 3” updates

We’re going to use this post as a clearinghouse for all things “GIVE ME 3”.

GIVE ME 3's first official poster, at the bus stop at 1st & Main

Mayor Villaraigosa's opening remarks

The poster unveiled

Rita Robinson speaks

The Mayor signs the new poster

The Mayor, LADOT, LAPD, LACBC, and members of the Midnight Ridazz pose with the new poster

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Mayor launches “Give me 3” Campaign

Introducing the "GIVE ME 3" poster!

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa today at 10 AM unveiled the poster for the “Give me 3”, a campaign geared towards improving bicycle safety and driver etiquette in the City of Los Angeles. The mayor kicked off the campaign by installing its first poster on the bus shelter at city hall on the corner of 1st & Main. The “Give me 3” campaign is the culmination of the LACBC’s Bicycle Awareness Safety Campaign, launched in April of 2010. The LACBC has partnered with the Mayor’s office, LADOT, LAPD, and Midnight Ridazz to make today’s campaign possible.

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What questions should the Mayor answer at the Bike Summit?

In anticipation of Mayor Villaraigosa’s upcoming Bike Summit (also reported here), the Mayor’s office is asking for feedback from the bike community on Google Moderator.  First announced on Villaraigosa’s twitter feed, the Mayor’s office is asking both for your questions and for you to vote on questions that have already been submitted.  In addition to taking live questions from attendees at the Bike Summit, the Mayor will answer selected questions which have received the most votes.  If you aren’t able to attend the Bike Summit due to work conflicts (it is, after all, being held on a Monday morning), this venue will still make your voice heard with the Mayor of Los Angeles.

And just remember, the Bike Summit is scheduled from 9-11 on August 16th in the main boardroom at One Gateway Plaza.

Get out (er, online) and vote!

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Mayor Villaraigosa Announces Bike Summit for August 16

Living up to his statement “It’s time to recognize that bicycles also belong on L.A.’s streets“, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has announced a public Bike Summit for August 16th.  You can read the Mayor’s press release here.  The Bike Summit will convene from 9AM to 11AM at Metro’s Boardroom at One Gateway Plaza.

Topics at the Bike Summit will include bikes on Metro at peak hours

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Mayor Villaraigosa’s Broken Elbow and the LA Bike Plan

As you have certainly read elsewhere by now, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa suffered a broken elbow when a taxi pulled in front of his bicycle while he was riding along Venice Boulevard. Biking in LA has an excellent write-up of the time-line involved. You can read the Mayor’s own thoughts on the matter here.

Happier times: Villaraigosa posing with the Tour LaBonge

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