Bicycle Parking Ordinance Has Passed!


Expect to see more of this!

The LADOT Bike Program is happy to report that the Los Angeles City Council has passed the long awaited Bicycle Parking Ordinance. This will mean improved bicycle parking standards citywide at commercial, industrial and residential-type locations. The ordinance includes a number of forward-thinking changes  including:

  • Formal definitions for different types of bike parking 
  • New standards for different types of bike racks including long-term and short-term bicycle parking
  • Improved standards for where bike racks are located on a property
  • Clearer  requirements for short-term and long-term bike parking.
  • New provisions allowing bike parking to be substituted for car parking for up to 20 percent of  the total automobile parking required for non-residential uses or up to 30% of the auto parking required near Transit Oriented Developments (TODs). Residential buildings will be able to swap up to 10% of their car parking, and if located within 1,500 feet of a transit facility, up to 15%. This exchange would occur at a rate of four bike parking spaces, per automobile space.
  • New standards requiring properties with  20 or more long-term bicycle parking spaces to also include 100 square feet of bicycle repair and maintenance space for residents and employees.
  • A Permitting process for allowing bike corrals to be installed in the public right of way.

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Announcing the Release of the First Year Draft EIR and More

Draft EIR Cover

City Planning’s David Somers has two blog posts today to explain how these prioritized bike lane projects will be moving forward. This post  goes into more detail about the Draft EIR, while his previous post covered the public hearings scheduled for the project and the approval process afterwards.  – Nate Baird

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) of the First Year of the First Five-Year Implementation Strategy (First Year) and the Figueroa Streetscape Project was released to the public on Thursday, January 17th.  As all proposed bicycle lanes included in the First Year Draft EIR include the reduction of at least one mixed-flow travel lane, the main focus of the Draft EIR is the projected increases in travel delay (expressed in Level of Service (LOS)) anticipated as a result of the reduction in auto flow capacity. The result of the LOS analysis can be found in the Traffic Section of the Draft EIR (see Table 4.5-5).


Sunset Blvd. Traffic and Safety Assessment

A stand alone Traffic and Safety Assessment was also released for one mile of bike lanes along Sunset Blvd. west of Figueroa St. The Sunset Blvd. bike lanes were recently proposed and will for the first time provide a direct connection to the neighborhoods of Hollywood, Silver Lake, and Echo Park to Downtown by a continuous bikeway.

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Notice of Public Hearings for the First Year Bike Lanes

City Planning’s David Somers has two blog posts today to explain how these prioritized bike lane projects will be moving forward. This post covers the public hearings for the project and the approval process afterwards, while his second post goes into more detail about the Draft EIR.  – Nate Baird

The City Planning Department has scheduled four public hearings to hear public comment on the First Year bicycle lanes. The projects include the nearly 40 miles of bicycle lanes that were evaluated in the recently completed Draft EIR in addition to one mile of bike lanes along Sunset Blvd. west of Figueroa St. The 40 miles of bike lanes include the first proposed protected bicycle lanes or ”cycle tracks” in the City as part of the MyFig Streetscape project, as well as strategic gap closures such as Venice Blvd. along with the introduction of critical bikeways in all major geographies of the City. The Sunset Blvd. bike lanes were recently proposed and will, for the first time provide a direct connection to the neighborhoods of Hollywood, Silver Lake, and Echo Park to Downtown by a continuous bikeway. The Traffic and Safety Assessment for the Sunset Blvd. bike lanes is available here.


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Metro Hosts First Union Station Master Plan Community Meeting

Intro photo

This way to Metro’s LA Union Station Master Plan community meeting

Metro kicked off the first of four Union Station Master Plan community meetings last night at their headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.  (In April of 2011 the county’s primary transit operator purchased the station and some of the surrounding properties from the real estate company Catellus Operating Limited Partnership for $75 million dollars.)  Community members listened as Metro officials and representatives from Gruen  Associates and Grimshaw Architects (the consultants hired to develop a master plan for the station) proposed their objectives for the area, including accommodating current and future transit needs, protecting and enhancing the station, and improving multi-modal access and connectivity to the surrounding neighborhoods.

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On the horizon for the L.A. River Bicycle Path

LA River bike path opening 11.16.2012 3

New L.A. River bike path segment recently opened in Reseda; the Daily News has a great photo of Councilman Zine riding the new path.

City officials and residents recently celebrated the latest addition of L.A. river bike path in the city, in the West San Fernando Valley. The new 1 mile portion of bicycle path between Winnetka Ave. and Vanalden Ave. was officially opened to the public on November 16th. The official ribbon cutting ceremony drew over 60 supporters, including Mayor Villaraigosa, Councilman Dennis Zine, and Friends of the Los Angeles River founder Lewis MacAdams, among others. Phase 2 of this project is currently under construction and expected to be completed soon. It will extend the path 1 mile further, from Winnetka Ave. to Mason Ave. Read more

Notes from the October 2nd Bicycle Plan Implementation Team Meeting

BPIT participants discussing Neighborhood Council communication.

This past October 2nd, the Los Angeles Departments of City Planning (LADCP) and Transportation (LADOT) held their quarterly Bicycle Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) meeting. Over 20 people were in attendance, ranging from city employees from various departments, representatives from city council offices and several bicycling organizations, to many bicyclists and residents intrigued to see where bike infrastructure in Los Angeles is heading.

(Check out the meeting’s agenda to better follow along with these notes.)

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BPIT October Agenda & installation of new DTLA bike lanes

bicyclist on Olive St. bike lane

A bicyclist riding on the new Olive St. bike lane

Download: October 2, 2012 BPIT Agenda

The last BPIT meeting for the calendar year will take place on October 2, 2012 from 1:00PM-4:00PM at the California Bear Credit Union Meeting Room located at 100S. Main St. Los Angeles, 90012.  The meeting will begin with a discussion focusing on the recent implementation of multiple bicycle lane facilities, including the latest 1.5 mile stretch of buffered bike lanes along Olive St. and Grand Ave (which LACBC posted a nice photo of this morning, on Facebook). Read more

LADOT Pro Walk Pro Bike Posters

LADOT Bike Program

Several LADOT Bike Program interns (current and former) presented posters at Pro Walk Pro Bike last week (far left: Cullen McCormick, second left: Ricardo Gutierrez, front center: Eve Sanford)

Thanks to everyone who came by during last week’s Pro Walk Pro Bike event to check out our poster displays. We received a lot of positive feedback and had a lot of great conversations with bike/ped professionals from around the country. Many attendees asked if our posters would be available online so we’ve gone ahead and embedded them here for your viewing pleasure. The posters are shown by day starting with Monday, September 10th and continuing through Thursday, September 13th. Read more

Grand and Olive set to receive bike lanes

Today work will begin on the Grand Ave. and Olive St. bike lanes. Together, the Northbound Olive St. and Southbound Grand Ave. will form a 1.5 mile bike lane couplet from Washington Blvd. to 7th Street. Removal of existing striping begins today with the actual striping and installation set to occur over the weekend. Each bike lane will include a 4 foot painted buffer and both streets will be receiving full-time parking, as shown in the schematic below.


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What’s up with wayfinding?


Mapping out destinations in GIS

The LADOT team is hard at work designing a user-friendly wayfinding system for bicycling in Los Angeles. Because L.A. isn’t the first city to do wayfinding, staff members are reviewing wayfinding signage standards from a variety of other municipalities, including Oakland and Seattle.  Ultimately, City of L.A.’s signage will need to follow the California MUTCD, be standardized to look similar to the signs below, and include up to three destinations on each individual sign.

FHWA approved wayfinding signage

Examples of bicycle wayfinding signage from the MUTCD

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