BPIT Survey now available

BPIT Survey

Screenshot of the English version of the BPIT survey; a Spanish version is also available

At last October’s Bicycle Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) meeting, we announced that we would soon be releasing an online survey that will allow individuals to prioritize the list of bikeways planned for implementation over the course of the next 5 years. That survey is now available and ready for you to fill out (also available in Spanish). Please use it to submit your preferred street segments for bikeway implementation (and do so by January 3, 2012). Results will be tabulated and presented at the next BPIT meeting, which is scheduled for January 10, 2012, and will feed into next year’s implementation plans. More on the survey below the fold.

BPIT Survey

Riding the Spring St. bike lane

Prioritize the facilities you'd like to see first.

An Intro tab provides some instructions and context behind the survey. You’ll also find links to explain the different bikeway facilities to be implemented, including Bike Lanes, Bike Paths, Bike Routes, and Bicycle Friendly Streets (BFS).

The first tab that you should fill out is the “Name” tab. Here, you’ll input your name, email address and zip code.

Tabs to the right of the Intro tab provide access to a series of drop down lists (categorized by geography) of bikeways on the five year implementation plan. The bikeways are identified by street, limits, total distance, and facility type — (for example: 2nd, from Main to Central, 0.38 miles, BFS, etc). We ask that you select facilities in rank order — priority two before priority three before priority four, etc. Priority one facilities were selected months ago as one of the first tasks the BPIT tackled.

All tabs are accompanied by a map on the right hand side of the screen. The map allows you to zoom to an area to view it more closely. Below the map, you can toggle on and off two layers: existing facilities and facilities planned for the next five years. You can also use the search box to find a specific intersection on the map.

The four geographic, region specific tabs include: Central City, Harbor, Valley, Westside. You may prioritize projects in every region, or just one — its up to you. The right most “Westside” tab contains the “Submit” button. Please remember to hit Submit for your response to be recorded. Happy prioritizing!

Submit BPIT Survey

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  1. Anthony Crump
    Anthony Crump says:

    A few questions:

    1) How do you know what projects are in each region?

    2) How are the results tabulated? Raw count? By region?


  2. Niall Huffman
    Niall Huffman says:

    I appreciate the fact that you’re seeking input on how to prioritize projects, and I have a (hopefully) helpful suggestion for next time. Central City should probably be broken up or allow for respondents to identify additional priority bikeways, as the sheer number of street segments identified in this region is so huge compared to the other three.

    I had a hard time choosing only four bikeways to prioritize in Central City, whereas Harbor, for example, was a snap simply because the area is smaller and there aren’t that many projects to choose from. I ended up going with North Broadway, North Fig, Cahuenga and 11th, but could just as easily have picked Vermont, Colorado, Central, Vine, or St. Andrews/Gramercy. Perhaps on the next go-around Central City could be divided into, say, Downtown/Eastside/NELA and Hollywood/Midtown/South LA, or something along those lines?

  3. jared wayne woods
    jared wayne woods says:

    as much as i appreciate the attempt to solicit potential-user feedback for prioritizing bicycle infrastructure projects, it is tough to get jazzed to participate when overwhelmed by options currently parceled off as small as .01 of a mile. it probably makes logistical sense on DOT’s end to compartmentalize each unique work site, but the user-unfriendlyness for the average rider/citizen/non-city-planner who thinks rider-increasing bicycle infrastructure must be well-connected/uninterrupted miles of safer passage, this survey appeared tedious and off-putting.

    in lieu of the survey: if your goal is to increase bike riders in LA, there is only one effective solution; prioritize long swaths of comprehensive BFS through neighborhoods so new riders can at least get to school, go to the market, or get some exercise, gradually building up the talent and courage to ride other types of LA’s dangerous bicycle infrastructure. most of the bike lanes this city builds are dangerous (doorzone, gutter debris, cracked pavement from heavy bus usage) so many riders choose the sidewalk anyway (see venice blvd). And the current idea: adding small, tough to see, green-signed “bike routes” (without the addition of sharrows on the pavement) constitutes infrastructural improvements that will magically increase riders and educate motorists is, in reality, just wasting smaller amounts of money on inevitably underused routes that can never be safe enough to encourage new riders to try LA traffic.

    prioritize BFS and give new riders and neighborhoods the chance to bike locally, however, those people will likely never even hear of or participate in this survey. Citywide riders will continue to ride even despite DOT’s best attempts to solicit their input or provide them infrastructure.

    • JoJo Pewsawang
      JoJo Pewsawang says:

      Hi Joe,

      The survey is intended to obtain public input for facility prioritization over the next four years. Traffic studies will be conducted along the corridors to determine whether environmental review will be necessary.


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