BPIT Neighborhood Network Planning Exercise–July 2nd!

The Bicycle Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) will be meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, July 2nd at 1 PM in the California Bear Credit Union Community Room. Get ready for a fun and engaging workshop activity where we will be continuing our discussion on Bicycle Plan program prioritization and Bicycle Friendly Street (BFS) implementation.

Neighborhood Network

The BFS planning activity will be comprised of two step. First is to indicate on the map priority neighborhood network, based on some of the criteria discussed in our past meetings. The priority network should create a direct, low-stress access to local services as well as the greater backbone bicycle network. The base maps include the complete Bicycle Plan neighborhood network, the proposed Bicycle Enhanced Network (BEN), and neighborhood destinations such as parks and schools. Base maps representing specific geographies are available in order to help focus on your geographic area of interest. Just select and print one or several of the following to prepare for the exercise: Valley, WestCentral-EastHarbor and SouthLA.

The second step will be to help inform the selection of specific treatments that could be installed in the areas that support a neighborhood network. The treatments should be selected based on their potential to resolve existing barriers to bicycle on a preferred path of travel, and may also serve to calm traffic on residential streets. Specific treatments (sharrows, signage, traffic circles, signals, etc.)  should be selected from Section 4.4 through 4.11 in the Technical Design Handbook as shown below.  As such, BPIT-ers should be prepared at the next meeting to break into groups based on geographic expertise and design their ideal bikeways.

The following are several examples of types of treatments for a Bicycle Friendly Street (BFS).

Design Manual

We are looking forward to your participation.  If you have any questions or input please contact David Somers  at david.somers@lacity.org .

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  1. Steven Sweat
    Steven Sweat says:

    These look like great improvements to the infrastructure. This is the type of thing we need more of in Los Angeles as one way to increase bicycling and bike safety!

  2. Suellen wagner
    Suellen wagner says:

    I strongly suggest (i.e. beg) that you include Laurel Terrace Drive in Studio City in the neighborhood path design. We are a small, walkable neighborhood that wants more bikes and fewer cars. I am out of state and can’t attend today’s meeting. How can we add my neighborhood path? Please note we also have a large elementary school and so would be most appropriate for this use.

  3. Barbara B
    Barbara B says:

    I have driven on a number of streets with curb bulbouts and I cannot understand how they can be considered to be bike friendly. On one street in particular that I am think of, they seem to divert bike riders INTO traffic. They are anything but friendly. It seems to me that they are not a bicyclist’s friend even if they may slow traffic. What is the rationale behind their use and/or when do they work and are you aware that they do NOT work in all instances?


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