BPIT March Agenda: 7th Street Bike Lanes

(Ed. Note: As first reported on our facebook page, and later by Streetsblog, the City has found a legislative sponsor for a possible 3-foot passing law.  SB 910 is being sponsored by State Senator Alan Lowenthal (D – Long Beach) and we’ll provide more information as it becomes available.)

This upcoming Tuesday, March 1st, the Bike Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) will have its second meeting.  The meeting is 100% open to the public and it will be held from 2:00-3:30 PM in City Hall Room 721.  Although the main topic of discussion will be bike lanes on 7th Street, there will be several other items discussed.  You can read the agenda here.

7th Street during CicLAvia, soon to have bike lanes (photo by Gary Leonard)

Additionally, City Planning will utilize a webinar feature for BPIT meetings – similar to the format used for the LA Bike Plan.  In the webinar, you’ll be able to submit comments and questions online while listening in.  This will allow people to participate in the meetings even if they can’t make it down to City Hall.  Space is limited, so reserve your virtual seat today.

7th Street

First off is the “big enchilada” of March’s BPIT meeting: bike lanes on 7th Street.  As the first project from the BPIT’s “Top 10” to move forward, 7th Street represents a real commitment to aggressively pursuing bike lanes in the LA Bike Plan’s Backbone Network.  Representatives from Council Districts 1, 9, and 14, the three council districts the project runs through, have been invited to attend.

You can express your own opinions on how to make bike lanes work on 7th Street at our inaugural BPIT “Top 10” post from this morning, on our facebook page, or you can save your opinions for the BPIT meeting next week to deliver them in person.


The BPIT meeting attendees will discuss a flowchart illustrating the process for moving BPIT projects forward.  This will hopefully get everyone on the same page and allow people to anticipate possible roadblocks to project implementation in the future.

Bicycle Plan Programs

The attending members of the BPIT meeting will identify programs in the LA Bike Plan which they would like to agendize for future BPIT meetings.  The policy programs section of the LA Bike Plan has a wide breadth of programs, so it is important to let City Planning know which you consider most important.


This is the problem-solving part of the meeting.  Meeting members, whether they are from City departments, advocacy organizations, or the public at large, will be voluntarily assigned tasks for the next BPIT meeting according to their ability.  In this way, the BPIT hopes to harness the best and brightest in solving any barriers to implementation that may arise.

Next BPIT Meeting

Before concluding the BPIT meeting, attendees will determine the topics for next month’s BPIT meeting, which will be held on April 4th.  Remember, all BPIT meeting agendas are determined at the meeting the month before; it’s important for all concerned bicyclists to stay involved and engaged in order to see their priorities make it to the front of the line.  As Rick Risemberg eloquently states at the Flying Pigeon blog “the team [BPIT] is whoever shows up“.

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