Parking Meters

We received this comment from reader ‘Joseph E’ regarding locking your bike to a parking meter: “Why is it illegal? Is it a city ordinance? Parking meters make great bike parking, and are otherwise a huge waste of sidewalk space. Care to explain, LADOT?” Well, technically: yes.  It’s a City Ordinance.  Follow me below the […]

May is Bike to Work Month

(Ed. Note: Sorry for the lag in content the past two week.  I was in my final week of classes at USC, and the crunch for time really got in the way of things.  I look forward to getting LADOT Bike Blog back on track!) Roll up that right pant leg and exchange your briefcase […]

Bike Corrals motion passes City Council

On Tuesday, item #21 came before the City Council and was unanimously passed.  Hurray!  You can listen to the council meeting yourself right here (to digress for a moment, this website is a pretty cool tool.  On-demand agenda, videos, and audio files of every City Council meeting.  I highly recommend it.).  There was also some […]

Bike Corrals on City Council Schedule

The motion for a bike corral pilot project on York Blvd., covered here earlier this month, is scheduled to come before City Council tomorrow, Tuesday April 27th.  Carried over from last Friday’s council agenda, the bike corrals motion is scheduled as item number twenty one.  Here’s the PDF of the continuation agenda, and here’s all […]

Bike Corrals Motion moves forward to City Council

After a slight over-run from City Council, the Council Transportation Committee met and heard item #4, talked about in our post yesterday. The item has been moved on to City Council next month.

Bike Corrals before Transportation Committee on Wednesday

So we’ve had some recent comments on LADOT Bike Blog, and some considerable interest from LACBC here, to C.I.C.L.E. here, to Streetsblog here and here and here, all championing a pilot program for Bike Corrals in Northeast LA.  Councilmember Huizar, representative of Council District 14, has introduced a motion for just such a bike corral […]

New Bike Lanes on Hoover!!

They’re so shiny! Nothing makes us happier than being able to announce brand new bike lanes on Hoover Street from 120th Street to 98th Street!

Safe Parking, Part 3: Lock’n’Load (actually, just Lock)

(Ed. Note: You can check out Safe Parking: Part 1 & Part 2 right here) Bike safety is in the news again.  This time, it’s a local ABC report of a “brazen” bicycle thief at the downtown library (via Streetsblog LA’s excellent daily links post).  We can’t stress enough the importance to proper bicycle parking.  […]

Bike Safety: Safe Moves

(Ed. Note: A question came up recently in the LA Bike blogosphere about what LADOT was doing to educate cyclists.  How fortuitous that I was already working on a post that discusses the very same issue!  Enjoy.) LADOT’s primary vehicle (ha!) for Bicycle Education is a program called Safe Moves.  The program works closely with […]

Safe Parking, Part 2: Location, Location, Location

Safe Parking Series: Part One: Bikes in Demand, Part Two: Location, Location, Location, Part Three: Lock’n’Load (actually, just Lock) Location Matters One of the nice things about a bike is that you can lock it up practically anywhere.  A lamp post, a parking sign, a park bench, or a railing; pretty much anything securely attached to […]