City of Lights/Ciudad de Luces

We here at LADOT Bike Blog understand that we can’t do it all ourselves; the bike program is a pretty small department operating in a city of 4 million people.  When other groups or people come along who do their part to make LA a better place to bike, we really have to tip our […]

Fountain Ave Sharrows in the News

There’s been a lot of chatter, both positive and negative, regarding the installation of Sharrows on Fountain. Good, bad, or ugly – LADOT Bike Blog is just happy to get people out there talking about Sharrows. The more people talk about Sharrows, the more likely people are to go out and ride them every day. […]

2010 LA Bike Plan Website Online

Here it is, guys. Go take a look.  LADOT Bike Blog will be reading it over the weekend.

Bike Lanes on San Pedro

These past few weeks have gone by quickly.  LADOT Bike Blog has to hustle just to keep up with each new development.  Aside from the Sharrows installation taking place (Ed. Note: In case you missed it, Sharrows 101, Sharrows Are Here: A Report From Fountain Avenue, Sharrows on Fourth Street), we have some other good […]

LADOT Bike Blog: New Sharrows installed on Fourth Street

First of all, LADOT Bike Blog would like to thank Streetsblog and LA Eco Village for picking up this story earlier.

New draft of 2010 LA Bike Plan to be released tomorrow, June 18

Someone seems to have released the floodgates: new developments in bicycle infrastructure and planning are coming rapidly.  Up next for the City is the newest draft of the LA Bike Plan.  No, really: it’s finally here. The 2010 LA Bike Plan has had a long and tortuous journey, with the first draft submitted by the […]

Sharrows are Here: a Report from Fountain Avenue

Friday June 11th marks a new beginning: LADOT is proud to unveil the first official Sharrows within the City of Los Angeles. Stenciled chevrons with bicycles will run along the pavement on Fountain Avenue from Western Avenue to Vermont Avenue. If you’re in the area, LADOT Bike Blog highly recommends you go check them out. […]

Sharrows 101

(Ed. Note:  Sorry for the lack of content following the close of Bike Week LA.  LADOT Bike Blog had all of his work hours eaten up by Sharrows studies.  Now that the first phase is completed, he can get back to writing more posts for LA’s bicycling public.  And for Sharrows news from the LACBC, […]

LA River Ride

LADOT Bike Blog had the pleasure of participating in his first LA River Ride.  It was the 10th Annual LA River Ride, with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition playing gracious hosts.  Many dedicated LACBC volunteers were on hand to help all the bicyclists get registered and ready for the ride.

Bike Week LA News Wrapup

Just to get all the links back up to the top of the page, let’s re-post all the old Bike Week LA news links and add some more now that the dust has settled.  It’s been quite a week, hasn’t it?  LADOT Bike Blog wishes every week could be Bike to Work Week. LA Times, […]