Since March 2010, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) Bike Blog has served as an outreach tool, providing Angelenos a closer look into the work of the LADOT Bike Program. Today, LADOT is committed as ever to build better infrastructure to facilitate bicycle travel and, increasingly, our work focuses on improving mobility for all active modes of transportation. Active modes of transportation, like walking and bicycling, are an effective source of exercise and a great way to experience the City. Beyond personal benefits, people that choose active modes of transportation help improve air quality, ease congestion on the roadways, and contribute to making communities healthier.

What is the #LeapLA Blog?

In 2015, Senior Bicycle Coordinator Michelle Mowery conceived the #LEAPLA Blog, short for Life for Everyday Active People in Los Angeles. The LADOT Active Transportation Division is committed to funding and building streets that provide safe, affordable, and attractive facilities for a diverse range of users and travel modes and generally encouraging the growth of non-motorized modal share as a means to manage transportation demand for an ever-expanding population. Through the #LEAPLA Blog, the LADOT Active Transportation Division will share announcements and communicate about operations, motivations, and rationale of projects.

LADOT believes that a successful transportation network connects people and supports a high quality of life, allowing Angelenos to easily access employment, education and entertainment. The new Blog aims to open and maintain dialogue with Angelenos about how to make LA a great place to walk, bike, and roll.

Who is the #LeapLA?

The #LEAPLA Blog is maintained and published by Bicycle Outreach and Planning (BOP), a group within the Active Transportation Division of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT). The Blog is currently edited by BOP staff and publishes articles written by current LADOT staff, Department of City Planning staff, and volunteer interns.

Over the years the LADOT Bike Blog, now #LEAPLA Blog, has many different contributors but publishes all posts under one identity. Current and past contributors include Alex Vickers, Casey Osborn, Christopher Kidd, Daniel Shockley, David Somers, Dustin Forester, Derek Levoit, Eli Glazier, Elizabeth Gallardo, Emily Dwyer, Eve Sanford, JoJo Pewsawang, Jon Overman, Jordan Miles, Jose Tchopourian, Karina Macias, Kathleen King, Nate Baird, Rubina Ghazarian, and Severin Martinez.


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