Bike Rack City Marked


We’re stoked to see community organizations like Multicultural Communities (familiar to many of us via their City of Lights program) put on events like the “Bike Rack City Ride” to educate and empower the public about our bicycle sidewalk parking program. In case you’re not familiar with the program, the city offers free bicycle parking in the form of inverted-U shape racks along sidewalks in front of commercial areas. We depend on your requests to help us provide bicycle parking where it is needed most. Your requests have contributed to an all time high of over 600 racks installed this past fiscal year.

Bike Racks Marked

Thanks to City of Lights, the 1st Street corridor in Boyle Heights will receive 11 new bicycle racks within the next month or so. To find out more about the request process, check out our blog post “From Request to Rack” and also be sure to check out a map on our website of all of our existing bike racks.


Assistant Coordinator Jose Elias marks a rack out on Broadway in DTLA

Introducing Bicycle Corrals

Talking to local businesses is great because it lets them know that bicycling to their storefront is in high demand. For locations where sidewalk racks would not be appropriate (bus zones, loading zones, in front of fire hydrants, etc), but demand for bicycle parking is high, consider introducing the concept of a bicycle corral to business owners. A bicycle corral replaces one vehicle parking space with up to 12 bicycle parking spaces. We’ve created a bicycle corral pamphlet that you can show to local businesses and have them contact us if they are interested.

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