Bike Path Maintenance: Updates and How to Directly Request Repairs


The Los Angeles River Bike Path in Elysian Valley.

In June, responsibility of maintaining L.A.’s 56.2 miles of bicycle paths transferred from the Department of Parks and Recreation to our staff at the LADOT Bike Program. Since this change, we’ve been able to more quickly and directly address repair needs along bicycle paths.

Typical maintenance includes the removal of plant material and other debris from paths (including sand along beach paths.) We also maintain and repair signs, rails, and lighting. Our crews remove graffiti and work to maintain the greenways that adjoin most paths by trimming back trees and foliage. Sweeping occurs on all paths at least once a week or more often if the path is a highly travelled one.

Request repairs directly

Have you noticed these increased maintenance efforts along your favorite path? Inspections of all our bicycle paths occur on a weekly basis in addition to regular maintenance. However, if you notice that something is obstructing a bicycle path or needs to be repaired, you can report the issue directly to the Bike Program via our website. Please be sure to note the location by including the number posted on the nearest light pole or the nearest cross street that crosses the bicycle path. This helps us respond to the issue quickly so we can ensure that all of our Bicycle paths are both functional and enjoyable for users.

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  1. patrick
    patrick says:

    The link for reporting problems does not have a bike path category. Streets, sidewalks, medians, debris, obstructions, etc are listed–but nothing to related to bike infrastructure issues. How should problems be reported?


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