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Sidewalk Parking Program

Have you seen more bike racks popping up lately? That may be because the request a bike rack program has been going rather well. To further build upon the success of our sidewalk parking program, the LADOT Bike Program has begun a concerted effort to add additional bicycle parking along targeted major commercial corridors.

This is how it works:

  • First the Bike Program compiles a list of business corridors to be checked for possible bike rack installation, with the help and input of local Council District offices. Typically business corridors are selected based on two qualities- 1) being relatively walkable, with features like sidewalk oriented frontages and/or outdoor dining and 2) generally lacking substantial bike parking.
  • After picking a business corridor, the bike rack marking crew (LADOT interns and staff) heads out for a visit and marks a swath of bike racks for installation.

Two markings for bike rack installation adjacent to Reno’s Pizzeria

So far the initiative has been a huge success, visiting seven business corridors and marking nearly 200 locations for future bike rack installation. Most recently, the marking crew visited a 1.7 mile stretch of Ventura Boulevard between Campo de Chuenga and Laurel Canyon and marked 50 locations! Business like Mantee Cafe, Vegan World, Raphael, and Midori Sushi will all receive bike racks soon.

Do you know a stretch of street that sounds like it may be an ideal candidate to be added to our field check list? Let us know in the comments! And if you don’t know entire corridors and just want bike racks at specific businesses you visit, be sure to fill out a request form.

Adding stickers to bike racks on Riverside Drive

One of our newest interns, Austin, replacing a faded bike rack sticker

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