Bike Nation launches new blog

A photo from Bike Nation’s Anaheim launch

We’d like to extend a warm virtual welcome to the newest bicycle-oriented blog in Los Angeles – the Bike Nation Blog. Look to Bike Nation’s new blog for all the latest Bike Nation related announcements and planned community events. The site has a lot of useful information including a guide to the Bike Nation bicycle, a step-by-step overview of how to rent a bike from a kiosk, archived news articles, and a calendar for planned community events. An exciting new feature that will launch in the coming days will allow users to recommend their ideal locations for bike share stations, similar to what was done for the Citi Bike bike share system in New York City. Bike Nation’s planned expansion into Los Angeles will consist of 400 kiosks with 6,500 docking stations, and 10,000 bicycles, making it the second largest system in the country. Look for Bike Nation (and a number of other Los Angeles bicycle related links) under our Resources tab.

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  1. karL
    karL says:

    This is a for profit company that is putting out a lot of press releases. To call it a blog when comments are closed and several employees man it ignores what I understand to be the history of the term or the other blogs you claim it should be included with.

    It does not belong in the catagory of bike blogs at all- what they ‘pedal’ is so arcane and frankly obsolete that they have two wheels- even absent air or not I don’t have to ride one to know they are no friends of car defeaters like myself. I wish I could be set straight, that I was ignorant, that whatever that term is for internent oppositionalists applied. They hustled a presence in our town by the most classic- line- “free” and all we had to give up is parking spaces as if there not worth anything. Real bikes could of instead used that public space and the numbers you quote are not significant. To get rid of just most of the cars even requires the opportunity of letting people ride a bike again NOT be wasted.

    Today I used a legal large heavy power added bike again and I’m getting used to not having to shift down and up and still be able to accelerate fast from the red light or make left turns or not have a sufficient motive to not take the long legal way, but they instead of ANY improvement over walmart crap have actually made that even worse- heavier, higher rolling resistance, upright, etc.

    No funding to find out what the advertising alone is worth on the bikes. I think in some parts it’s worth enough to have the bike carry electric color paper- to have it seen before you can amazon it to your door to own, and to when parked only even let resturaunts etc. show i nreal time whata there special is- or over $10k a year in revenue per bike conservatively- at least down towns based ones.

    So I struggle to understand why- and find a combination of well intentioned ineptitude and more then acceptance of the status quo to be poor exlpanations but the best so far. I do not take for granted they’ll further launch in LA as so far ‘decided.’ I dare them to actually try a real blog– with even moderated comments only. I’d rather have no sharing programs officially blessed making it harder for superior programs to launch f or a year or more.

    I think I wrote another paragraph or so in conclusion just now but hit thewrong key and it’s gone so I’m out fo however long hope to see this and anyone else who isn’t so thrilled about clone city plans take over a bit in dissent on this…

    • Evan
      Evan says:

      Has there been any follow-up coverage of their stations in Anaheim? Are they actually still up? Their “blog” and Facebook page show nothing about what it’s like now, just articles touting its opening.

    • Joe F--Anaheim, CA
      Joe F--Anaheim, CA says:

      I agree completely. I went to this launch. Totally not impressed. The bikes were super slow and you felt every bump in the road. Not a pleasant experience. I’ve heard the plea of the managers of Bike Nation at the council meetings in anaheim. I saw one of the original bikes, and it was quite different then this. It was far more impressive. I think we got duped! Bike Nation has not impressed me as there motto seems to be, show a bike that will sell, then deliver something else. Unimpressed!

  2. Sports Bikes
    Sports Bikes says:

    Interesting blog. The site has a lot of useful information including a guide to the Bike Nation bicycle, a step-by-step overview of how to rent a bike from a kiosk, archived news articles, and a calendar for planned community events. This will help to know about new launched bikes,their features etc.


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