Bike Lanes on San Pedro

These past few weeks have gone by quickly.  LADOT Bike Blog has to hustle just to keep up with each new development.  Aside from the Sharrows installation taking place (Ed. Note: In case you missed it, Sharrows 101, Sharrows Are Here: A Report From Fountain Avenue, Sharrows on Fourth Street), we have some other good news to report.

Bike Lanes!

There are brand new bike lanes on San Pedro between 115th and 120th Street (first reported to be in the pipeline by Joe Linton, then covered this morning by Joe Linton).  Not only are the bike lanes new, but they also feature brand new asphalt for a smooth ride.

These bike lanes were part of a Bureau of Street Services(BSS) resurfacing project that took place along this corridor measuring approximately 2,323 feet, or .44 miles.  The downside to piggybacking off of a resurfacing project to install bike lanes often means that bike lanes are of a short distance and may not be part of the 1996 LA Bike Plan.  The upside, however, is that bike lanes are much easier, and much less expensive, to install when a resurfacing project is taking place on a street that can fit bike lanes.  The City will often repave only a few blocks at a time, so Bikeways always wants to take advantage of a repaving project that’s close to half a mile or more.  Due to miscommunication between departments, Bikeways sometimes will not hear about a resurfacing project until it is too late to install bike lanes (like on James M. Wood).  We’re working towards a better line of communication.

Where the new pavement ends

Unfortunately, south of 120th Street is where the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles ends and that of Los Angeles County begins.  A lot of South City bike projects suffer due to the shifting jurisdictions along the major roadways.  There’s even one section of Vermont where the City has proposed and designed bicycle lanes in one direction of traffic which is under the City jurisdiction, yet the opposite side is under the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County and both don’t agree on the bicycle lane installation.  Hopefully, the installation of more bicycle infrastructure in South Los Angeles will make clear the need for the City and County to work together on future projects.  Regardless, LADOT Bikeways will continue to work at adding bicycle infrastructure wherever we can.

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  1. Joe Linton
    Joe Linton says:

    In “working toward a better line of communication,” perhaps the LADOT could work with Bureau of Street Services to make the resurfacing schedule available to the public in advance. Then bicyclists, Neighborhood Councils, PTAs, etc. could review the list and alert the LADOT to opportunities.


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