Bicycle Repair Stations on the Way

Bicycle Repair Station

The LADOT Bicycle Program has been awarded an REI Bicycling Design Best Practices Grant by the Bikes Belong Foundation that we’ll be using to help introduce a Bicycle Friendly Business Program Bicycle Repair Station. The program will fund the placement of Bicycle Repair Stations at several locations throughout the City. More on the program (including a video that shows a repair station in action) below the fold.

Maintenance Agreement

The Bicycle Repair Stations will require a maintenance agreement that will be similar to our Bicycle Corral maintenance agreement – basically the business needs to agree to maintain the repair station. In essence, this program complements the existing Sidewalk Parking Program and Bicycle Corral program. Whether by connecting to local schools or local businesses, the Bicycle Program recognizes the upmost importance of involving the public as much as possible in order to achieve yearly milestones outlined in the City’s ambitious 2010 Bicycle Plan. Hopefully, the Bicycle Repair Stations in the Bicycle Friendly Business Program will provide vital repair services for the public and contribute to the establishment of bicycle business districts.


The Details

For $17,000 we will be purchasing a minimum of 7 Bicycle Repair Stations to be placed throughout the City in 2012, and we need your help in finding the best locations for these new public amenities! The ideal location should have the following criteria:

  • A Sponsor who will maintain the station (Just like the LADOT Bike Corrals)
  • Sufficient public space (See Dero’s specifications)
  • Concrete surface to mount on
  • High bicycle ridership
  • Areas with high activity to maintain a watchful eye

Please comment below with your suggested locations.

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