Bicycle Parking Ordinance Has Passed!


Expect to see more of this!

The LADOT Bike Program is happy to report that the Los Angeles City Council has passed the long awaited Bicycle Parking Ordinance. This will mean improved bicycle parking standards citywide at commercial, industrial and residential-type locations. The ordinance includes a number of forward-thinking changes  including:

  • Formal definitions for different types of bike parking 
  • New standards for different types of bike racks including long-term and short-term bicycle parking
  • Improved standards for where bike racks are located on a property
  • Clearer  requirements for short-term and long-term bike parking.
  • New provisions allowing bike parking to be substituted for car parking for up to 20 percent of  the total automobile parking required for non-residential uses or up to 30% of the auto parking required near Transit Oriented Developments (TODs). Residential buildings will be able to swap up to 10% of their car parking, and if located within 1,500 feet of a transit facility, up to 15%. This exchange would occur at a rate of four bike parking spaces, per automobile space.
  • New standards requiring properties with  20 or more long-term bicycle parking spaces to also include 100 square feet of bicycle repair and maintenance space for residents and employees.
  • A Permitting process for allowing bike corrals to be installed in the public right of way.

We’ve kept readers up to date on this ordinance as it underwent review by the Planning Commission and other committees.  Chances are, if you follow the bike blog, you know that bicycle parking is important! When bicyclists have no option but to lock up to a tree, a handrail or whatever else they can find, it is inconvenient to the bicyclist and to the pedestrians who also share that space. A lack of bike parking at the end of a trip can also deter individuals from choosing to bike over other means of travel. That’s why the 2010 Bike Plan set goals for improving bicycle parking standards under Policy 1.2.7. The plan recognizes the need for high-quality bike parking and more of it! For a more detailed look at how the new Bicycle Parking Ordinance plans to meet these goals you can read the full ordinance here.

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