Bicycle Parking Ordinance goes before PLUM Committee, Tomorrow

Some innovative bike parking from the Know How Shop in Highland Park

Tomorrow afternoon, the Planning & Land Use Management Committee will review an ordinance that aims to vastly improve bicycle parking requirements in the city.  If adopted, the Bicycle Parking Ordinance would increase the amount of bicycle parking required in new commercial, industrial developments while for the first time requiring bicycle parking in new multifamily residential developments, as well. The ordinance proposes set standards for signage, lighting, and access; and, addresses different types of bike parking, including the need for both short and long-term parking.

The proposed ordinance was reviewed and passed by the Transportation Committee last week. Please consider attending the meeting tomorrow to show your support for improved bicycle parking requirements in Los Angeles. The meeting is set to be held at the Board of Public Works Edward R. Roybal Hearing Room 350, City Hall, 200 North Spring St., at 2:30 pm.

Currently, the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) only requires bicycle parking at the rate of 2% of car parking for commercial and industrial developments in excess of 10,000 square feet, and does not require designated bicycle parking  in residential developments. The new Bicycle Parking Ordinance proposes some overdue, forward-thinking changes, including:

  • Better standards for the types of bike racks used.
  • Better definitions and requirements for short-term and long-term bike parking.
  • Allowing car parking to be swapped for bike parking at a rate of four bike parking spaces per automobile space for up to 20 percent of total automobile parking for non-residential uses or up to 30% near TODs. Residential buildings would be able to swap up to 10% of their car parking, and even higher if located within 1,500 feet of a transit facility, up to 15%.
  • Every development requiring 20 or more long-term bicycle parking spaces will also need to include at least 100 square feet of bicycle repair and maintenance space for residents and employees.
  • Permitting a short-term bicycle parking credit to be taken for bike corrals installed in the public right of way.

For a more detailed look at the Bicycle Parking Ordinance, you can read the full draft here (Scroll to pg.7) or review the ordinance via previous blogs posts when the bill was first reviewed by City Planning and the Planning Commission. If approved by the Planning & Land Use Committee, the ordinance will then be up for review by the full City Council.

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  1. Karl
    Karl says:

    With teh automation the 20-30 rule shoudl be fully interactive- if less then 20% of the spaces in the garage are not parked in then bijkes hould be able to show up and take ALL the remaining spaces in real time. This should not be optin- but retroactive to all garages- first come first served with bikes free to take entire spaces until the quota is reached adn only then have to share.


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