UPDATE: Bicycle Kitchen Fundraiser

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZyoW-1W6EU]

UPDATE: The Bicycle Kitchen is accepting donations for another week! They’re currently at 26k let’s get them to 30!

The Bicycle Kitchen is doing a fundraiser to purchase a larger space, and we they’d be hugely appreciative if you donated to help reach their $30,000 goal. If you aren’t already aware of the Bicycle Kitchen, they provide free (donation suggested!) bicycle repair facilities and their volunteers will walk you through how to repair your trusty bicycle. It’s a truly awesome place, born out of pure motivation and a love of all things bicycle. I went down there a few months back to replace a faulty tube, I loved saving myself some money while learning how to fix my two-wheeled companion. If you’ve ever been down there, you’ll notice its always crowded, hence the need for a larger space. I know you’re constantly bombarded with requests to donate, but if you’re a bicyclist in Los Angeles this is guaranteed to be money well spent.

There’s two days left in the fundraiser and they’re about halfway to 30k! Click here to make your contribution!

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