Bicycle Corral Update

York Blvd Bike Corral

A city crew installs L.A.’s first bike corral back in February 2011, in rainy conditions. This year, the pilot program expands to 10 additional locations.

With the success of the York Blvd. and Sunset Triangle bicycle corrals, LADOT is currently working to bring these transformative pieces of infrastructure to other communities around Los Angeles. For our new installations, we  will be using a reconfigured design that is safer, easier to install, and more cost-effective.

For those who need a quick refresher on what bicycle corrals are, here is a brief document explaining how they work and their many benefits:

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If you are interested in locating a bike corral in front of your business, please fill out this form to let us know. If you have a business you think would benefit from this bicycle amenity, be sure to bring this form to their attention.

To date, we have received over 25 requests to site bike corrals, and of those, we are working on installing ten corrals this year to test our new design.

Know of a good site for a bike corral? Let us know in the comments. Have some good photos of our existing corrals at work? Submit them to our Flickr pool.

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  1. Doug
    Doug says:

    Please install a bike corral in front of the Laemmle Theatres in North Hollywood. I know Laemmle has requested on and it would definitely be put to good use there, especially since we’re working so hard to also have bike lanes installed on the same street!

  2. Tomes
    Tomes says:

    Please contact Kaldi Coffee in Atwater. They have a perfect spot next to their business that is ready for this. I signed up with this suggestion once, and someone ended up calling *me* 12 months later thinking I was the business owner. I’m just a customer, but I suggested they get in touch with Kaldi. Kaldi went under new management a year ago, so I’m not sure how receptive *they* are to the idea, but I know the community would jump on it. There are tons of bikes going in and out of that place regularly, and like I said, there is a perfect spot there that’s already blocked off for car parking, so not even ONE parking space will be lost (just an red curb that gets abused).

  3. bikinginla
    bikinginla says:

    We need a bike corral at Westside Century City mall, especially since the mall has removed the bike racks that used to be located under the former Houston’s site.

  4. Linnea
    Linnea says:

    There is no place to park at the K-mart/Whole Foods shopping center at 3rd & Fairfax. Whole Foods has several unusable poles up against their patio. That’s it for bike parking. Cyclists have to tie up on the fence to the east, on the pole of disabled driver parking spaces, or down the block. Please find out who is in charge at that shopping center and pitch them this design. Personally, I would put the bike corral in the central courtyard area where the restaurant is.

  5. EK
    EK says:

    Please install them at the San Pedro Public Library…931 s. Gaffey Street. Many people young and old ride their bikes to the library every day but there are rickety, bent, and broken racks in front. Bikes get stolen all the time. They could really use these sturdier, safer, corrals. Thank you!

  6. Darren
    Darren says:

    Abbot Kinney Blvd!

    Just visit this place any weekend: every possible sidewalk space that could possibly fit a standard LADOT U-rack already has one, and they are usually full, with many handlebars jutting out into the crowded sidewalks. I have lived and been bike-dependent in LA for over 2 years and cannot think of a better place in the City to put a bike corral. Make this happen, LADOT!

  7. Jes McBride
    Jes McBride says:

    In front of Intelligencia on Sunset and Santa Monica.

    There are always plenty of bicycles there, and the existing rack is awkward, leaving little space on the sidewalk. The ideal would be to replace the first parking spot in front of the cafe with a corral, which would open the space up a bit.


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