Bicycle Advisory Committee Meets This Tuesday

This Tuesday evening, the Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee meets at 7:00 PM at the Hollywood Neighborhood City Hall (6501 Fountain Avenue).  LADOT Bike Blog will be in attendance, continuing our commitment to giving adequate coverage to BAC meetings.  If you’re interested in issues effecting bicycling in Los Angeles, we highly recommend you also attend.

The BAC at work, via Biking in LA

LACM, CicLAvia, 2010 LA Bike Plan & More

There are a wide range of issues being covered in this Tuesday’s BAC meeting.  Sergeant Krumer will be on hand to give an LAPD update on Critical Mass.  A final rundown will be given for the upcoming CicLAvia (only 6 days away!).  Projects such as the Expo Phase 2 Bike Path and the Sepulveda Boulevard/I-405 widening will be discussed.  The BAC will give their recommendations for both the Mayor’s Bike Summit and for City Planning’s 2010 draft LA Bike Plan.

Speaking of the LA Bike Plan, you can check out all the photos from the 4 open houses here.  LADOT Bike Blog had a great time at the final Bike Plan meeting in the Valley, though we do wish that a few more people had shown up – final headcount of 20.

Other items like updates of current bicycle infrastructure projects, the Bikeways subcommittee’s report on Sharrows, reports from the City Attorney’s office on an anti-harassment ordinance for drivers and more are all going to be covered.  You can download the agenda for the BAC meeting here.

BAC – Advocacy in Action

LADOT Bike Blog feels that it’s extremely important for interested bicyclists and citizens to attend BAC meetings.  The Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee is supposed to represent the needs and viewpoints of all our city’s bicyclists.  If there’s something on the agenda that you feel is important, or if there’s a point of view that you disagree with, it’s your responsibility to attend and make your voice heard.

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