BiciDigna: Success for Ciudad De Luces

You may remember our coverage of City of Lights/Ciudad De Luces last month.  Their blog has become regular reading for LADOT Bike Blog.  In our last post on Ciudad De Luces, we highlighted their efforts to create a sustainable workshop for bicycle-riding day labor immigrants at IDESPCA Job Center called BiciDigna.  On June 24, Allison Mannos and the Ciudad De Luces crew presented their work to create BiciDigna at the US Social Forum.


Streetsblog’s Damien Newton points out that the work done by Ciudad De Luces is part of what makes the LA bicycle community so unique when compared to bicycle communities of other American cities.  LADOT Bike Blog couldn’t agree more.  Ciudad De Luces’ emphasis on inclusion, education, and empowerment are goals that all bicycle communities should strive for.  Ciudad De Luces, the Bicycle Kitchen, IDEPSCA, CARACEN, and all the volunteers that helped make BiciDigna possible deserve a big round of applause and our continuing support as they make BiciDigna a cornerstone of LA’s bicycle community.

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