Berendo Middle School Recommended for SRTS Funding

A bicyclist heads east on 11th St. - slated to become a Bicycle Friendly Street with Federal SRTS funding recently awarded.

We’ve got some good news to share! We’ve recently received word that we’ve been awarded funding for our Berendo Middle School Federal Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grant application. This grant will allow us to build out a Bicycle Friendly Street (BFS) on 11th St. between Harvard Blvd. and Hoover Ave. This BFS facility will help create a safer east-west route through the heart of Pico-Union for both bicyclists and pedestrians, school children and members of the local community.

Here’s an excerpt from the email:

139 project applications were selected out of the 332 applications submitted statewide. Each District through the District Selection Committee Process selected their highest scored projects up to their funding target of $66 million.

Treatments slated for installation include a roundabout, crosswalks, bulbouts, advanced stop bars, a pedestrian crossing warning device, bike loops, signage, sharrows, bike racks, and some SRTS encouragement programming, as well. These will likely include walking/bicycling “school bus” programs, and a complementary incentive program. Many thanks go out to the Berendo Middle School community and staff who expressed their strong support for this Safe Routes to School project. Many thanks to Councilmember Ed Reyes’ staff and to Childrens’ Hospital staff for putting us in contact with the folks who knew this area and its needs firsthand. We’ll keep you posted as this project moves forward.

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