Addressing the Concerns of Local 4th Street Residents

Update: There has been some confusion regarding the draft concept treatments. Again, these images are concepts, only. To date, no design work has been completed as DOT continues the public outreach process. We have created a new draft concept for Highland/4th that we feel more clearly represents the intersection(s) at Rossmore and Highland. This new image highlights the signal head for the bicycle/pedestrian actuated signal on 4th Street. Regarding turn movements onto 4th St. from Highland or Rossmore; there will be no restriction on turn movements (right or left) onto 4th Street from either Highland or Rossmore. The only restrictions will be for through movements on 4th through Highland or Rossmore (motor-vehicles will be forced to make a right while bicycles and pedestrians are unrestricted).

A New Concept

Since Bicycle Friendly Street’s are a new concept for the City of Los Angeles, local residents may have some questions about the effects of various treatments. We here at the LADOT Bike Program are happy to address any questions and concerns that residents may have concerning the Bicycle Friendly Street pilot project. We encourage residents to attend local meetings, or if you can’t make those, feel free to leave us a comment on the blog and we will be sure to pass your concerns on to the appropriate staff. Below the fold we discuss the rationale for bike friendly treatments and present concepts for 4th/Highland and 4th/New Hampshire. Also, before we continue, just a friendly reminder that these concepts do not represent final designs and are merely intended to help visualize potential treatments.

Current conditions on 4th approaching Highland from the east via Google Maps

A Bicycle Friendly 4th Street

The 4th Street Bicycle Friendly Street pilot project will look to transform 4th between Cochran and Hoover into a more accommodating street for bicyclists and pedestrians. The goal of a Bicycle Friendly Street is to offer bicyclists a continuous, calmer, safer alternative to major thoroughfares. In order to accomplish this goal, bicycles and pedestrians must be able to cross major intersections with ease. The proposed bicycle and pedestrian activated traffic signals at Rossmore and Highland will do just that. These signals will be synchronized with the existing traffic signals at Wilshire, 3rd, and 6th to ensure continued efficient throughput throughout the corridor. This basically means that the pedestrian/bicycle call will be in sync with the other traffic signals along Highland and Rossmore, respectively. Bikes and pedestrians will benefit from being able to safely cross two heavily trafficked streets, while not adversely effecting motor-vehicle traffic on Highland and Rossmore.

Highland / 4th Concept

NEW DRAFT CONCEPT for 4th Street approaching Highland from the west

With respect to turn movements at these intersections, Bicycle Friendly Streets require slower vehicular speeds in order to create a calmer, safer environment for bikes, pedestrians and other neighborhood users. Traffic calming measures (roundabouts, chicanes, diverters, etc) may help ensure that cars do not speed on 4th Street. By restricting through movements for vehicles on 4th Street (requiring right turns), proposed BFS treatments will discourage drivers from using 4th as a cut-through street. To find out more about Bicycle Friendly Streets, we encourage everyone to check out the L.A. City Bike Plan’s Technical Design Handbook, and to review our past BFS series titled “Anatomy of a Bicycle Friendly Street.”

Draft concept for a round-a-bout at 4th and New Hampshire

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