New Year’s Bicycle Plan Implementation Meeting Quickly Approaching


Where should we go next with Bicycle Friendly Street treatments?

We’ve been a bit slow at updating the blog here over the holidays, but Bike Plan implementation hasn’t lost any steam. In addition to our normal work, we’ve been writing applications for Metro’s Call For Projects (to get funding for more Bike Plan initiatives and infrastructure) while our work crews have been kept busy installing a number of new bike lanes (peruse our online map to check them out).

At the coming Tuesday’s Bicycle Plan Implementation meeting we’ll give an overall implementation update, brief everybody on where things are with our prioritized package of bike lanes, spend a good chunk of time talking about where to go next with Bicycle Friendly Street treatments, discuss how to prioritize the remainder of the projects identified in the Fiver Year Implementation Strategy, provide a brief update on grants in process, as well as field implementation questions. Hope to see you there!

See the full Jan.8th BPIT agenda here.

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