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4th Street existing conditions

While 4th St. outreach and planning continues (Bikeways staff met with 4 neighborhood councils and an HOA), Councilmember Tom La Bonge announced at a recent Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council meeting that he is opposed to the installation of bicycle/pedestrian signals at Highland and Rossmore, and has requested that we focus our ongoing conceptual design plans on Hoover St. to Wilton Pl., instead.

The proposed bike/ped signals were to address the two toughest intersections for bicyclists to cross on 4th St. between Cochran Ave. and Hoover St.; the intersections would have been designed to prohibit cut through traffic. La Bonge has asked our group to look at 6th St. as an alternative, but this corridor is not an option as it’s not in the Council adopted Bike Plan.

4th St. is currently designated as a Class III bicycle route, and now has shared lane markings as well as bicycle friendly loop detectors at signalized intersections. In the fall, we’ll start outreach on a grant we received to do bicycle wayfinding signage–and 4th St. will definitely be included.

Moving forward, which intersections do you think need special attention on 4th Street? Which destinations should be highlighted along 4th St. (for our fall wayfinding project)? And, where should we look next to implement Bicycle Friendly Street measures?

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